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Friday, February 19, 2010

What A Difference A Day Makes

I'm feeling much better today. Not saying the stink of bad attitude is gone, yet, but I'm feeling good. Thanks for encouraging me, letting me know I'm not alone, and saying I'm "your idol!!!" I'm so grateful for good friends and supportive family.

Yesterday I got the laundry going early, before Rebekah came and it was folded, I was showered and had clean underwear on by 10ish. I love a full drawer of clean underwear. That alone can bring a lot of peace and security to a mom's life.

Marley is sick. She was just getting better but, now she's worse than ever and so is everyone else in our ward. I was supposed to get my hair cut today, by my lovely friend/hair dresser but she called to say her little cutie is sick. All I could say is, "I'm glad you called, mine is too."

Marley has yet to learn exactly what it means to cover your mouth. She never does...of course, she's not even 2 but, we're teaching her, so when she coughs, we say, "Remember, cover your mouth." We then demonstrate by fake coughing into our own hands. She just licks her hand, palm and fingers. Now we are trying to teach her to cough into her arm. That's going a little better.

I was thinking that maybe a cute little song would help and came up with this gem this morning. To the tune of If You Chance To Meet A Frown (thanks Chelsea, it's been stuck in my head).

If you have to cough or sneeze
Do not let is spray
Quickly cover up your mouth
And then you cough away.

Not the best I know...but kinda helpful...maybe....someday.


Julie J. said...

That is a good song. And she's such a genius it will probably work.

Natasha said...

Too bad Marley is sick. Hope she's feeling better soon. I'm glad you're feeling better too. Btw, the Olympics are online if you feel like watching them: (http://www.nbcolympics.com/)

Anonymous said...

I like the new words to that jingle!! Happy?? I will never not comment again. I decided that you need to hear what I have to say about what you say sooooooo, this won't be the last you hear from me!!!

Sarah said...

Wow... Awesome song!!
Sarah likey

The Hungry said...
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The Hungry said...

We have been having troubles making comments on blogs - and suddenly today it is letting me do it again - thus why I deleted the one comment - it just said "test". Anyway - I love the song! And I hope all the talk of Epcot etc didn't contribute to your blue mood. I'm glad you're feeling better. And so great that Nathan has made it through. What a great accomplishment!
love you!