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Saturday, December 10, 2011

I read books...

I did not enjoy reading when I was a kid. I liked being read to but, I didn't like to read. There was ONE book I remember reading when I was a kid and I read it over and over.  The Doll In The Garden by Mary Downing Hahn . It's a spooky mystery with a creepy ghost cat and a ghost girl. And the girl(s) in the book were probably about my age, when I was so obsessed with this book.

A book I loved hearing was The Indian In The Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks. A cool cupboard. A little key for the cupboard! Toys come to life when you put them in the cupboard! What's not to love?

I found both books at the Lincoln Library sale a couple of years ago. I had once owned The Doll In The Garden. I was so glad to have found both favorites for my collection. I read them and wrote comments in the margins and then sent them to my sister Julie. She read them and was able to read my comments as she went along. It was fun!

 I didn't like to read in high school either. I blame the fact that I never got to pick the book I HAD to read (some I remember The Great Gatsby, The Grapes of Wrath, To Kill A Mocking Bird, The Christmas Carol). I think most of the required reading I got in high school was usually half read and then skimmed and then finished off by reading the last chapter. Just enough to write my report.  From what I hear they let kids pick the books they read for reports, these days.

The one book I got to choose to read was for a biography report. I chose Howard W. Hunter. That was the biggest book I had ever read and I read it from cover to cover. In that class we also had to give a presentation on the person we chose to do our biography on. Mrs. Navaro found my subject very interesting but my presentation was too long. Oopsie!

I started to love reading when I started college. I LOVED reading my text books and sometimes felt like I got more from them than from my professors. In some cases this was the intent of the professors, most times not. I almost  always read the text though. Loved learning that way. My reading comprehension isn't the best and like everyone my mind would sometimes wonder. I had to read some pages over and over.

(at one point each of these images were in a nice row on one line...blogger!) 

We have been moving several textbooks every time we relocate. One day I came downstairs and Nathan had textbooks piled up all around him. He was searching the web for where he could sell the books and get the best price(s). He was trying to sell mine too. At first I was sad...I kept them for a reason...reference...someday. Plus, we've both been out of school for 5-6 years and I didn't think we would get anything for any of them. But, then I recalled hefting HEAVY boxes full of these books every time we move and I got over it. The highest buyback price was $34 for one of my Speech Language Pathology books. Booyah! We ended up sending in 9 books and getting a check for about $66. Also, shipping the books in was free...we just printed a label provided by the site we sold to and they paid the shipping. (Can't remember the site we sold to, and neither can Nathan but if anyone is interested, let me know. Nathan is willing to look around to refresh his memory, after work.)

I also started to enjoy recreational reading while I was in college. I don't even remember any of the books I read while in college, they were few and far between, except all the Harry Potter books. I remember looking forward to reading "stories" as opposed to textbooks, on my college breaks.

After college my sister made me join her book club. She has a great book club because those ladies are such good friends too and they ALL happen to share a deep love for books. They have great discussions. Her club got me even more into reading. I wouldn't say I love it so much I always have a book in my hand, but I love it more than I ever have.

A few years ago I made a new year resolution to read a least one book a month. That year I read above and beyond 12 books...I think it was something like 35!  Every year I have the same idea, at least a book a month and I usually read more. This year, I read exactly 12. I wasn't even keeping track and I counted the other day and bam! Exactly, 12. It might have something to do with our area having THE CRAPPIEST public library system. Or it might have something to do with the tv show addiction I had this fall. Nonetheless, I just barely made my goal this year. 

Posting the list Friday.

POST EDIT:  I read 13 books this year....just figured that out while preparing list for Friday. ;-)


Sandy said...

a chip off the old block

The Yuan Fam said...

As previously stated, yes I'd like that website that Nathan found. Get him to refresh his memory!!

Julie J. said...

Reading those two books was way more fun for me than it was for you! I can't wait to see your list on Friday.

The Hungry said...

Eric had to read a auto/biography for one of his high school classes and do a presentation. I suggested he ask the teacher if he could read Grandpa Busath's autobiography. He thought that was a great idea AND so did the teacher! Isn't that awesome? I loved her for that.

I love the biographies of the prophets. That's great you chose Pres Hunter for you class assignment.

I'm not the avid reader I used to be. I used it as an escape - so easy to do when my kids were running around. Then they all grew up and left the house all quiet, I just can't seem to get interested anymore. Plus Netflix... :-p

The Klippel Family said...

Becky, I love your reading resolution. I was like you when I was younger. I always attributed it to the fact that I didn't get read to a lot by my parents-I love to read now too. I am reading Pres. Monson's book, "To the Rescue," and it's wonderful so far, of course. Take care,