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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

TOTALLY thought we were having Twins....

Nathan knew the whole time. 

TOTALLY thought we were having a boy!

Nathan knew the whole time.

It's A Girl!
Guess who is SO excited to have a sister!

"Is this balloon for me?"
 "Yes! What color is it?"

 "Ahhhh!!! I'm so excited!"
 "Yes! Yes! Yes! Ahhhh!"
 "Ok, hold still so I can get a picture of you and the balloon being still."
 "Oh, turn the balloon. Smile big!"
 "Oops! The balloon is fuzzy, hold still. Smile big!"
 "Let the balloon go."
 "ah! The balloon turned!"
 "Mom! Can I just play with my pink balloon?"
"Fine! Go ahead!"

I really did think we were having twins.  
A boy and a girl. 
One third of me would be dead serious to Nathan and insist there were two in my tummy, to scare him, never worked. I would even try to think of "scary" situations like: "Oh my! How are we going to fit in our car with twins!" or "Oh my! We're gonna need two cribs!" He would always calmly retort with very viable solutions. And shake his head at me.

One third of me hoped, so we could grow our family faster.
One pregnancy and two labors, back to back. 
Sounds good to me!


One third (the biggest one third) hoped we weren't. 
Two infants!
Two babies!
Two toddlers!

Twins would be awesome!
And yet so scary!

My head bows to all my friends and family who have had twins.

I must confess, I was hoping for a boy. 
And it all comes down to the hair!
I hate doing my own hair.

Doing Marley's isn't so bad.
Well, after I catch her:
"Marley! Time to do you're hair! Come here!"
"Can't catch me!"
and lately it's
"Ha ha ha! Can't catch me I'm the ginger bread man!"
"Ginger bread men don't have hair. This is not a game, get over here."
Ok, sometimes I chase her...which doesn't help with the times I don't want to chase her.

 I usually just spray leave-in conditioner in her hair and let her have it down with beautiful curls. 
Or I put a piggy tail in it, either on the back or up top.  

I like the piggy tail up top the best because it keeps the hair out of her face and even after putting on her winter hat, it still looks like I did her hair. 

But, she likes it on the back of her head or just down. 
With both of those styles, once she puts her winter hat on 
looks like I didn't even do it!

Please don't get me wrong though...I'm excited!
And last night I had a dream I held our new little infant girl in my arms...she's beautiful!


pillingfamily said...

i love it. i love it. i love it. girls are awesome. but watch out for the DRA-MA! congratulations.

Julie J. said...

Ha,It's not Marley's fault she has hair like Gene Wilder. Do you think Frenchie Figgy Pudding will too?

Meghan said...


Anna said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Man, having two girls is the best. I am really excited for you!

The Yuan Fam said...

I'm so excited for you!! I like Frenchie Figgy Pudding, it made me laugh. Julie comes up with the best names. I go through the same thing with Maya's hair...ugh I can't even think about it bc it makes me break out into a cold sweat. Love you!!

The Hungry said...

Sisters, sisters, something something something something sisters...

My sisters sing some song about sisters. :-)

Jeanette and Jason said...

:) Congratulations!! I am SO excited for you.

Sandy said...

Sisters, sisters
There were never such devoted sisters,
Never had to have a chaperone, no sir,
I'm there to keep my eye on her

Caring, sharing
Every little thing that we are wearing
When a certain gentleman arrived from Rome
She wore the dress, and I stayed home

All kinds of weather, we stick together
The same in the rain and sun
Two different faces, but in tight places
We think and we act as one
Those who've seen us
Know that not a thing could come between us
Many men have tried to split us up, but no one can
Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sister
And lord help the sister, who comes between me and my man
Irving Berlin

AndreaB said...

Yay! I remembered this morning how you were supposed to find out yesterday and so I'm glad you posted!! I'm sad I won't get to meet her for a long while, but I hope you'll send me a picture =]

Love ya!

My Everythings said...

Awww, YAY! I am sure she will be just as precious as Marley. :) Miss you guys!

The Klippel Family said...

Becky! Another girl...girls together are the best. I love it. You are going to have so much fun. Congratulations, we are so happy for you. Your mom is too cute to put that poem in, it should be true of all sisters. So sweet. Take care,

Ashley and Aaron said...

So excited for you and little girl #2!!! :)

Today's Gift said...

Whoo-hoo!!! Yay!! I'm so happy for you! I was guessing boy, but I'm secretly glad it's a girl cause you and Nathan make such cute ones. :)

Brittani said...

Congrats! You make a darn cute little girl, so keep 'em comin!!!!

Peter and Amber said...

Congratulations! :-)