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Friday, December 16, 2011

List of Books I Read In 2011

So here is my 2011 list of books I read: (FYI, my favorite reads are youth/young adult books)

LOVED IT! Easy read and very enjoyable story! I remember it being pretty funny at times.

Good Read! Really enjoyed it. WWII, Germany. 

I'm not posting these in the order I read them....this was one of the first of the year and I could not remember what the book was about. I had to read the synopsis on Wikipedia. I remember now. I really liked this book. It was a good read. Interesting.

I love this book. This was a book I had read in recent years. I rarely re-read books but I really like this one. I first read it just before we moved to Nebraska and the book takes place in Nebraska. Maybe that's why I love it so much?

Willa Cather is from Nebraska, near Lincoln and when my parents visited us there, we went to her hometown and toured it. 

LOVE IT!!! You've probably all read it, too. If you haven't, you SHOULD!  And see the movie, loved that too! I stole this book from my mom right before we moved and then I let my friend here in the Soo read it before I sent it back to my mom.  My friend loved the book too and she took me to see the movie with her!  SO GOOD!

I enjoyed this book. It's by an LDS author and involves the single life of an LDS woman who works as a private detective for her uncle's quirky business.  It's cute and a good mystery.

I enjoyed this book. I made decluttering and organizing a hobby while we lived in Lincoln and still can't resist some books and websites on the subject. This is a good one. I think I would also enjoy Peter Walsh's book, "It's All Too Much," which was written before this one. Maybe I'll read that one in 2012?

LOVE THIS BOOK!!! This is another I have read before. I think this maybe one of my most favorite. The thing is...it's not for everyone. I have lent this book to two friends and they both gave it back to me after a few months and said they just couldn't get into it. Sad, because it's SO good! But, again, I guess it's not for everyone.

This is another one I stole from my mom before we moved. It was really good. It's the first in a series. The next one is out and it's called Crossed. Not sure when I'll get to read that one. Surely, our library won't get it for another 50 years or so. Mom, if you get it, send it to me!!!

I felt like this was much like the Hunger Games...but not so much that I thought was I was reading the same book. Just sayin.

A friend here let me borrow this book. It's an LDS author. It's a pretty good mystery. An enjoyable easy read.

Same friend let me borrow this one. I LOVED IT!!! Very much! I think I would read this one again.

I would say it's a similar read to The Secret Life of Bees. Loved that book too.

This is a FAT book. I had to take a break at some point while reading it. But, I did finish it. It was good. Very interesting.

Stole this from my mom before we moved. Started it in October and just finished reading it.  It's a fat one too. It's historical fiction and is about George F. Handel, who wrote Messiah. Messiah is an oratorio that is often sung/performed around Easter and mostly Christmas. I don't own the music but would love a copy. It was a good book. I felt it was longer than it needed to be and there were loose ends, I felt, at the end...which I do not like. But it was good and I would recommend it to others.

And one book I started and stopped. Maybe one day I'll read it all the way through.

It was hard to read. I don't like books that are hard to read...not these days anyway. The actual author tries to write like he's another writer, writing about actual places and events. Talks about visiting the places, which are actually fictional places but written about as if they are real. Confusing.  At the same time the story is being read by a grandfather to his sick grandson. Maybe someday I'll try again.  We own it.

I love the movie. We don't own it.

The book I wish I was reading right now. Charles Dickens' The Christmas Carol. I just have a hankerin'. But, we don't have it. And why would our library stock Dickens? No. The real question is why doesn't our library have ANY Dickens!!?!? Seriously, they have no Charles Dickens...not one! And they call themselves a LIBRARY!!!

What I am reading instead is a book lent to me by a wonderful woman in our branch. I started it on Monday and I am really enjoying it.

And that's a wrap!

What is you favorite book? Genre of books? 


Lara said...

Hi Becky... I don't think I've ever commented on your blog before, but I check in on it every once in a while. Nothing like a book list to get me commenting! I love My Antonia, Poisonwood Bible and Life of Pi too! And I totally agree about what you said about Life of Pi... it's not for everyone! It's one of my favorite books and I try to recommend it, but multiple people have told me they can't get into it either. Right now I'm reading O Pioneers! by Willa Cather - I hope its as good as My Antonia... have you read that one?

Jill said...

I've got 3 weeks until school starts again and after reading this blog I want to spend the whole 3 weeks reading! I have read some of the books on this list but not all of them, I want to though.

pillingfamily said...

ha. we read quite a few of the same books. impressive list. you go.

pillingfamily said...

oh, lara, (and becky) i read both my antonia and o pioneers this year. loved loved them both. i think antonia was my fave of the two, but my sister's favorite is pioneers. hmm...

Shauna Klippel said...

Becky, I love your list. I'm really intrigued about the Life of Pi now so I am going to read it ASAP. I'm not a big fan of fiction. I love non fiction and real happenings. One of my favorite books in the last two years has been "1776." Obviously about the Revolutionary War. I bet you've read it. "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" was good too. A book I think you'd like that I previewed ahead to read as a family novel was The Evolution of Calpernia Tate. It's fiction and so good. I loved it. Take care,