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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jell-o Slide (you know like a mud slide)

I don't talk to many people at work. There's always work to be done and "they" don't really like us to socialize because they like us to at least look like we are working every second. Aside from the fact that I don't talk much at work....from what I can tell my desk mate is a pretty quiet person. We rarely talk. We usually just joke about pretending we are sick so we can go home...or just walking out for lunch and not coming back...or pretending like we thought it was Friday (even though it's a Wednesday) and taking a four day weekend. We are all talk though. A lot of the work this time of year is pretty tedious so we just have to amuse ourselves with vain discussions about fleeing.

A few times, my desk mate and I, have had little discussions about The Office (TV show). One time we giggled about putting one of our co-worker's stapler in jell-o. Again, just vain discussion...something to giggle about for a few seconds.

Well, I sent my desk mate the following email on Monday afternoon......true story.

"Dang! I totally had a wonderful surprise for you today….but, it totally didn't work.

I put your stapler in jell-o, along with some other random items from your desk. Ok, it wasn't YOUR stapler…it's an old stapler that I had at home…but symbolically it was YOUR stapler because I didn't want to ruin your stapler.

Here's the story: I got this idea, of course, from The Office. But, I got the idea to do it to YOU when I sat at your desk, to get away from sick girl, while you were out of town. I swiped a cool round tac and a yellow binder clip and last night I found this old stapler at my house and added that to the mix. However, I made many mistakes along the way…and they are kind of comical so, I thought I would share them with you….

First, I made a smaller sized box of jell-o and it barely covered 1/3 of the stapler. I thought this would be easily remedied by making another box or two and it would be pretty cool because there would be layers of jell-o. The first box was orange, the second box was lime, and the third box was cherry!

I waited until the first batch of jell-o was set and then made the second batch. With each layer I added the tac, binder clip and some large paper clips. All seemed well until I waited too long to make the third batch last night and ended up having to make it this morning. Jell-o is not a fast thing you can just throw together but, I had started this project and I was determined to follow through. I made the last batch using ice cubes instead of cold water…that did help it set but, it wasn't fully set when I came to work. I figured I'd put it in the work fridge to give it a chance to better solidify and then leave it on your desk, when you went to lunch. I tried.

The stapler still wasn't fully covered by jell-o so, when I flipped it over onto a small plate, to get it out of the cool whip container I had made it in…I think the stapler was forced to shift in the jell-o and caused it to instantly start falling apart....jell-o slide!!! (like a mud slide)

I quickly shoved the mold (cool whip container) back onto the jell-o so it wouldn't fall off the plate on all sides. A lot of the cherry jell-o ended up on your desk. I think I did a good job of cleaning it up so I don't think there are any sticky spots…but, if there are, let me know, I'll come clean them up.

Well, that's the story. I hope you had a nice lunch.

Your desk mate,

PS – In the future I think I would only do the stapler…I think the other office supplies made the jell-o weaker. Also, the layers make a stapler/jell-o prank very vulnerable…no layers next time. And I think they used extra gelatin on The Office to keep the jell-o form. Or, I'm just an amateur." (end of the email)

Pretty fun experiment...I don't know if I'll try it agian....we'll see.

This was my desk mate's response.

"Oh my gosh. You are hilarious! You spilled jell-o all over my desk while I was at lunch? HAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

That is funny. We should do that to Katie sometime."


Julie J. said...

hahaha, that is funny. If I were you, in the future I would use three boxes of the same jello and make them all at once with only two boxes worth of water. Does that make sense?

Becky said...

I think if I'm going to use three boxes of jell-o and make them all at once I will use the same flavor. Because if I mix green, orange and red it will just look like a pile of poo. But, what you're saying does make sense. Or they make bigger boxes of jell-o and then I could just use half the water.

Julie J. said...

When I said of the same jello, that is what I meant... the same flavor. No one wants to see their stapler stuck in a pile of poo.

Julie J. said...
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