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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Last Night At Dinner

We are living in my parent's basement. It's not so bad and we are totally grateful! They have space for us and are willing to let us live with them, and we are able to save money and Nathan can go to school. But, I have to share one thing I DON'T LIKE about living with my parents. THIER DOG!!!!

This is a dog my mom inherited from my oldest sister (Liz) and her family. They moved and had to live in an apartment for awhile until they could find a house they wanted to buy. Well, they couldn't have pets at the apartment so they gave their dog to my mom. My mom instantly embraced it. We didn't have many pets growing up so it was weird to see my mom let this dog attach itself to her so quickly. And when Liz's family found a house, my mom wouldn't give the dog back. She loves it and none of us really understand why.

Toby is a shitsue. This dog is pretty dumb and blind, especially when the sun is out. He stinks too...all dogs do. My mom calls him her son! And when Peter (my real brother) says mean stuff to the dog (because it is so dumb), my mom says to Peter, "Be nice to your brother!" Super weird...and very very funny because she says it totally serious and then when we all look at her appauld she giggles.

Tonight at dinner my mom was feeding the dog from the table....with HER FORK!!!! I have seen her do this before, when she was DONE eating but, tonight she wasn't done and she used it after. I freaked out! I was like, "MOM!!! You CANNOT feed Toby with YOUR FORK!!! He's an ANIMAL!!!" I covered my face in horror and disbelief. She just laughed and said, "He doesn't put his lips on it and neither do I." Gross!

What's even weirder is that she will not, WILL NOT share a fork with anyone else...not even anyone in our family!!! She has always said, "I don't like germs." Apparently, she likes dog germs. Gross! (This is a case similar to "Love the sinner but hate the sin." Well I love my mom, but that is just gross!)

After a little time had passed and she was still feeding Toby from the fork she was eating with, I nonchalantly said, "Mom, do you know I have a blog?" She said, "Yes! I read it!" I said, "DO YOU WANT ME TO BLOG ABOUT THIS!?!?!?!" We all laughed but, I WAS NOT KIDDING!

(If anyone leaves a comment saying anything remotely close to "Dog's mouths are actually very clean, much cleaner than humans." I will puke!)


Julie J. said...

That is disgusting. I threw-up in my mouth while reading it. But sadly, I have to say I am not surprised.
Mom, if you're reading this, CEASE AND DESIST!

Jeanna said...

Happy to have found your blog, but completely disgusted at the thought. I am with julie, I had to choke back my own vomit while reading that story. You will never, ever catch me telling you that a dog's mouth is clean. There is no possible way. I have a cat, and I won't let that cat even lick me because I know where his mouth has been. ICKY!

Kim said...

I agree. That's disgusting. But...HILARIOUS! It seems like I keep seeing new sides of your mom. I love it.