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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Too Many Things To Plug In

My parents' heater is on the fritz and we can't seem to program it anymore. It turns on at random times and is in sleep mode when we are all home and freezing our tooshies off. Well, one night last week it was particularly cold outside so, it was just about as equally cold in the basement.

Now to give you a little background...

Our bedroom is in the basement. We have four outlets in our room. We have installed six outlet expansion units on two of the jacks and one jack has a six outlet power strip. This makes a total of 20 electrical sockets in our room.

But, we have a lot of plug in!

Dish Box
DVD Player
Nathan's Laptop
My Laptop
Alarm clock
Nathan's phone charger
My phone charger
My night stand lamp
Nathan's night lamp
Blow Dryer

Some of the plugs are bigger so it prevents us from using all 20...so, don't worry! And we are rarely using every single thing that is plugged in at the same time....wait! We are NEVER using everything that's plugged in at the same time. But, it's not easy to unplug things and it's very hard to add any appliance to the mix.

Remember it was cold in the basement!

I pulled the little space heater from the closet and I was so excited to plug it in, in our room and get nice and warm. Reality soon hit me though when I remembered that we have way too many things to plug in. I walked around the room looking at each outlet and just about to say, "Huh...we're kinda full." I remembered there is a socket right outside our bedroom door!!! I ran out with the heater and plugged it in, in the hall and brought it back in and threaded the cord to go under the door. As I did this, I sang, "I'm a genius!!!" (opera style) I was also giggling with glee. Then Nathan said, "Why don't you go blog about."


Julie J. said...

I'm having a hard time picturing that space heater in your room and not catching something on fire.

Jeanna said...

I love those moments of clarity. And my feet are super cold at the moment, so I am jealously thinking of your space heater. I bet that room is toasty by now.

Matthew Johnson said...

If you're ever cold again, just walk upstairs, grab Toby, bring him down to your room and snuggle with him...........

Becky said...

Matt, you're disgusting!

Julie J. said...

Yeah Matt, That is totally gross.

Kim said...

Poor Toby.