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Friday, November 16, 2007

What do you think it's going to be?

Well, we went to our second baby doctor appointment today! It was good and pretty fast. The coolest part was hearing the baby’s heart beat again. The first time we heard it, about four weeks ago, it was REALLY fast. They said that was normal. The nurse found my heart beat too and it was much slower.

This time the baby’s heart beat was slower then last time and the nurse said it is normal for the heart beat to get slower and more regulated throughout the pregnancy. She also said that her prediction is that it’s a boy. She told us there is an old wives’ tale that if the heart beat is a slower beat, which she said it was today that it is going to be a boy. Then she said, “But, people disprove that all the time. I still predict it’s a boy!”

It was exciting! But, next time, December 14th (Nathan’s birthday), we’re going to try to find out with an ultra-sound! As long as we can see the baby’s “area” and it’s not blocked by a foot or something we should be able to find out!!!

If you think you know what the baby is, cast your vote/prediction at the poll to the right!!! ---->


Matthew Johnson said...

I totally think it's a boy, but when I picture it in my mind sometimes it is a girl. And should I be refering to it as an it?

Anonymous said...

Hey Becky its Andrea. I totally think you are having a boy! I am so excited for you!! Now I need to get into BYU so I can come visit you guys!!!

Love ya!

Becky said...

Andrea did you vote!?!? If you did, I think you must have been the second one. The first one I did, but it was inbehalf of our nurse's prediction. And I think Julie was third. So, you must have been the second one! You better get into BYU, I would LOVE you living SO close again! You are so much fun!

Jun said...

I think you will have a baby GIRL!

aaronsobrio said...

hey! becky!! i got your email about your blog and thought i would suprize you! i have two weeks left on my mission and thought i would give you my opinion even though i shouldn't be on this apostate web site. :D

i want it to be a boy, but there is no denying science... it's an alien.

hehe, hilarious.

i'm looking forward to meeting your hubby and kid. i come back on the 6th of dec.

don't forget! and good luck with the pregnancy.

Jeanna said...

I NEVER predict right, ever. So, I am going with boy. I can't wait for the ultrasound to prove me wrong!