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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Got up early and got ready...usually don't get ready before taking Nathan to school...too early, but, today we had a PACKED day! While we ate our early breakfast Marley was on the floor, as usual. She saw a stack of papers and she decided she would start army crawling today. She is fast and as graceful as a skilled ice skater. Paper motivates her to MOVE!

We dropped Nathan off at school...he also had a busy day, including a meeting with his TA for his project in Remote Sensing class. He had to take the camera with him, to take pictures of his experiment so I didn't get the camera for our Halloween party...and there were so many cute little cuties in cute costumes. Ah well. What can ya BOO! (scared you!)

We, Marley and I, then busted over to the store to get our bat wings (blue tortilla chips) and monster brains (salsa). For two of our THREE Halloween parties today.

Side story: The closest grocery store to us is a Super Saver so I went to that one. That parking lot is so stupid! It totally bugs me AND at least once a month I turn too early and end up on this lame street with an island that won't let me turn. So, I have to go all the way down to the next light (not actually THAT far) and flip a U-turn. AND I ALMOST made it through October with out doing that...but, the last day of the month!!! Argh.


After the store we went to Hobby Lobby. When I put Marley's costume on her yesterday I realized that she needed a few more puff balls for her hat, thus the trip to Hobby Lobby. It is dangerous for me I love that store!!! All of their Halloween stuff was 40% off already and I found this cute dish that looks like a monster with and inverted head (a bowl) PERFECT for SALSA!!! I MEAN MONSTER BRAINS!!! I bought it but, I don't have a picture...sorry. IT'S CUTE!!!

We dashed home and put the finishing touches on Marley's costume. Made sure I had all the supplies we needed to share our bat wings and monster brains. And then headed off to our first Halloween party. It was so fun! Fairies, bugs, dinosaurs, pumpkins, clowns, witches, etc. So cute! We had bread sticks that looked like monster fingers and really yummy cheesy potato soup. And LOTS of Halloween sweets! The little kids even got to go on a ghost hunt, which were tootsie pop ghosts stuck in the grass. They loved it!

After that party we were off to meet Nathan on campus for his School's Halloween party!!! More FOOD! More fairies, bugs, dinosaurs, clowns, pumpkins, witches, etc. They even had a costume contest and Marley got Most Original in the children's costume contest! Everyone loved her costume and lots of people asked if they could take her picture. It was so fun!

After that party we busted home to meet the missionaries. We had them over for soup in a bread bowl. The new elder was SO excited to have soup in a bread bowl. He had never heard of that before. We even let them cut the bread into bowls and they really enjoyed that. We have great missionaries!

Then we busted over to the church for our trunk or treat party! It was so fun! I just LOVE seeing all the costumes! Especially the littlest kids! Some of them would say...Twick or Tweet!

Marley didn't really have anything close to real naps but, she was a trooper. Happy all day! She is such a delightful baby girl and she is definitely growing too fast!

Here are the pictures!

This one was taken the day before Halloween...see she totally needs more kernels of corn on her head.
Marley LOVES looking at herself in the mirror! Here are a few pics of her reflection as a bath towel beauty.

This very nice couple in our ward said we could borrow their exersaucer because they haven't even had their baby yet (their baby boy is due on Sunday). I thought it was a hand me down but it was actually brand new and wasn't even out of the box yet. I put it all together and Marley is enjoying it. There are a few pictures of her eating the attached toys.

This is me at Nathan's office. Waiting for the next party to start. Ya, I'm in Marley's car seat and I have her candy collecting receptacle on my head. I"m a party animal!

Marley, chowin' down on her lunch!

These are the marks my stylish hat left. Man! That picture is NOT flattering.

Marley after her lunch and in her costume again, ready for the next party. She's such a poser.

This guy was not real but he was creepin' me out!

More pictures of the corn cob baby.

Oh yea! I forgot to mention Darth Vader and Yoda were at the party too!

This is Marley and Nathan in the costume parade!

I thought this one was kinda funny...this lady was pregnant in real life and she was a Prom Queen for Halloween. Pregnant Prom Queen...definitely scary!

This little girl was a pink poodle...cute!

More pictures of our voguer. Strike a pose!

My posers posing together...

Lately, Marley is likes to play with Nathan's left ear. Often times it looks like she is holding it open and is ready to shout...DAD CAN YOU HEAR ME!?!?! And in that ear he wouldn't be able to. So cute and funny.

Cuttle bugs....

And back to the ear.

This was her prize for most original costume. It had a little Halloween puzzle, tons of stickers, Mc Donald's coupons, and a note pad. She'll have to grown into all of those. I'm sure the coupons will expire before that.

And the Finale...Marley's first taste of carrots. Not that eventful of a video but, what the hay.


Julie J. said...

So so so cute! I love the corn baby. I wish I had video taped Sam watching the video of Parsley eating her carrots. He loved it and cracked up harder and harder everytime she leaned forward to take another bite. Now we want a video of her army crawl!

Marlayna Wiley said...

I love little Layna!! How dang cute she is. I love her!! Oh I love you too Beckie!!

Lilianne and Jason Wright said...

Love the corn baby!

Adam and Sarah said...

What a funny little corn on the cob! Ha! Love the costume. And don't you love nice people who loan their expensive baby stuff to you? My bro and sis in law loaned us their exersaucer (among many other big toys) and it was so nice. Can you believe those things are like 70 bucks!? Freak! And those people loaning their never-been-used one to you... super awesome of them! (FYI -- if you end up buying an exersaucer, go to a thrift store. We just got a super clean and very well taken care of one at the DI for our FUTURE babies for $5!! A freakin' steal!)

Sandy said...

Here, I am commenting. What happened to the wonderful cornsilk for hair. I missed that.

Shantell said...

LOL! I LOVE her costume! She is so cute! I can't believe how quickly she is growing.

Jeanette and Jason said...

Too adorable.

Shalantie said...

holy cow that was such a long but great post! Cute pictures, thanks for sharing them. I am at our orignal hotelish place right now and I only had a second to skim through your blog. it's way cute! I can't wait until I have internet all the time and then I can keep up with you more.
Love ya

Rach said...

oh my gosh, seriously one of the cutest baby costumes i have ever seen!! if not the cutest. both she and the costume are adorable, and i love that you live in nebraska and the nebraska corn huskers and she is corn!! so cute!!