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Friday, October 24, 2008

Princess Longshanks and..... Senor Genius Pants

What does your M&M character look like? http://www.mms.com/us/becomeanmm/

I found this link on a blog where I lurk. Don't you think it looks like me and Nathan? Don't forget to scroll through the options. I didn't know there were more options so my first attempt wasn't very accurate. And don't forget to select the name generator.

Anyway, it's been awhile since I actually blogged...sorry Mom and Julie. This week threw me off because it's Fall break for Nathan so he had Monday and Tuesday off and then because he didn't have classes those days his labs on Thursday were cancelled so he only had to go to school on Wednesday and Friday from 9-12. So, we've been doing stuff together and thus I've had no alone time with the computer...until now.

Last Saturday we started our Tour de Lincoln. It's much like the Tour de France, only TOTALLY different. The only similarity is that they both involve bikes..of sort. But, I'll blog about the Tour once we've come closer to accomplishing it. Oh yea! The other similarity is that they both take a long time.

Sunday we went to church and it was nice. I'm on the enrichment board and I had a meeting right after church to help plan the enrichment meeting for November 20th.

We got invited to have dinner at our friends' house Tiffany and Darian. They live about 20ish miles out of Lincoln. It's a beautiful drive.

Monday we overhauled our apartment. About every 2 weeks we take about a day to organize and find a better place for "things." We also file the mail (bills) and other paperwork and try to get the whole apartment clean enough to vaccum it all. That really took all day. Tiffany and Darian had invited us to watch the new Indiana Jones movie and told us to invite people. We car pooled with Christina and Jesse. It was fun and I loved the food! Christina brought chili cheese dip! And Tiffany made puppy chow or nutty buddy mix. SO! GOOD!

Tuesday Nathan had a job interview at the Nebraska Department of Roads. It went well, and we should hear back today or Monday. We'll see. Marley and I went with him and just read in the car.

After the interview we took Marley to the health department to get her 6 month vaccinations. We haven't figured out how to get her into the Pediatrician because our insurance through the school is disappointingly VERY CRAPPY! and doesn't cover well baby visits. So, we wanted to at least keep her on schedule with her vaccines. She is such a brave little baby. And I had no idea how much she weighed and we needed to know so we could give her the right dose of Tylenol, so the lady had me get on the scale to get my weight and then I held Marley and we subtracted to get Marley's weight. She is exactly 14 lbs.

After the health department we went to Nathan's office on campus because he had to do some stuff and he had to pick some things up. While he did that, Marley rolled all over the floor and I finished reading Fabelhaven, the book Julie gave me for my birthday. So, before we left Nate's office, we checked the library online to see if they had the second and third book in town somewhere. They did and we busted over to the Eisley library and I got both of those. I also got The Goose Girl, which has been suggested by three of my friends - Julie, Shalantie and Tiffany Duncan. And since I couldn't find the second Fabelhaven book because it was in the process of being reshelved I had to ask the coolest librarian ever to help me find it. She brought it to me AND a book called East. So, I checked out FOUR books from the library...I've NEVER done that! In fact, I've read more books so far this year than I have read in my whole life before this year. It was actually my new years resolution to read a book a month and I've done MORE than that! I never thought I would enjoy reading so much!

Wow! I'm only on Wednesday? Well, Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning we had a huge thunder and lightning storm. I think the thunder woke Marley up because she rarely wakes up in the middle of the night. She was screaming too. The thunder was SO loud and it was creeping me out. After about an hour and a half I got Marley calmed down and back to sleep...and I did it without feeding her!! Wahoo! Takes a lot of patience. Anyway, since we lost some sleep that night we napped all morning while Nathan was at school.

After school we went grocery shopping. For some reason that always takes us a long time. The best thing about grocery shopping is being done with it and having a bunch of food stocked up in the cupboards and fridge.

Thursday, I had my friend Kelly help me make something for my mom. My mom's birthday was on Monday and when I talked to her on the phone I asked her if she needed or wanted anything in particular...she said no...of course. Then I said, I had something I could give her and she said, "Oh! Did you make it!?!?" I was like no. But, then it got me to thinking...the thing I had that I was going to give her...I don't think she would have appreciated it. And since Elder Uchtfdorf's talk at the RS Broadcast I've been wanted to be more creative. I knew my friend Kelly had this certain skill so I asked for her help and she was SO helpful. Anyway, I still gotta ship this thing to my mom but once she gets it I'll post a picture.

After Kelly helped me, Nate, Marley and I just sort of hung out. We made homemade pizza for dinner and it was SO GOOD!

Nathan has a test today in Stats (my mom just got a pit in her stomach reading that, because she's in a dreaded stats class too.) Despite his test he got up and made blue berry muffins. They are delicious! Usually I wake up when he gets up because I can hear him moving around the apartment but, I didn't hear him or Marley wake up and they let me sleep in...kinda. I woke up around 8:30 just in time to take Nathan to school.

Today, I'm blogging. Then I'm going to get Nathan at noon. We are coming back home so Nate can get ready for another job interview and then we are taking him to the interview. After the interview we are going to browse around a store called Gordmans. I've heard it's a mix between Kohls, Tai Pan Trading, and Ross. I'm interested to see this mix. Today is also my dad's birthday...I gotta go call him.

Sorry for the play by play of our week. But, it was a nice busy week.

We love you!

PS - It has been raining all week. Cool! And not cool!


Shalantie said...

Whoa. A lot is going on over there eh? I really am genuinely sad that we missed that thunder storm. They are my favorite- and probably what I miss the most about Tulsa. Anyway- sounds like you are having a great time and staying very busy. That's great! Oh and I think there must be something in the air because this year I have also read more books than in my entire life!

Brian and chelsea said...

Your mom is taking a stats class?! She is my hero! I barely survived mine over there. It wouldnt happen to be Ray Merrill's stats class, would it? If so - she is even braver!

Natasha said...

Wow, busy week. Sounds like fun though. (When you wrote blueberry muffins, I thought of that song you taught me...blueberry pie, sad and shy, won't you come out of your shell..). Miss YOU!

KordelandHeather said...

May I say, after reading your blog I realize my SON is a CHUNK! He was 13pounds at his 2 month check-up, now he's almsot 3 months...no wonder my arm is about to break carrying him in his car seat!!! Miss you!

Emily said...

love the play by play! and i LOVE storms! i wish there were more here!