We've lived in Utah, Nebraska, upper Michigan and now we've settled in Colorado...at least for now! Marley is 10, Isi is 6 and Enzo is 4.

Life is great!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Marley Alert!! And Some Random Stuff

Here's our little monkey out in the grass.

There are SO many squirrels in Lincoln. Nathan was reading the Dangerous Book for Boys and one night I looked over to see what he was reading about and the title said, "How to Hunt and Kill a Rabbit." I asked him if he could apply the same techniques to squirrels. What?!?! If he hunted and killed them, we would eat them! I have heard squirrel is delicious!
This was a fast one...just got his tail.
Marley likes to hold onto the grass, with both hands. She likes it!
Looks like she thinks she is going to fall off the earth if she doesn't hold on.
These are the White Pine trees we got at the Apple Jack Festival. We finally got some pots and soil. One day these trees will be planted in our back yard.
Someday...Well they are in our back yard right now...just in pots. Right outside our living room window.
Nice big window and two cute little White Pine trees.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Marley. Kinda bright but so cute!

Here is another...not so bright but not so big smile either. Still cute.

This is when I went jog/walking. That's when I say I'm going jogging and then have to walk most of the way. It was a crisp day so Marley wore her hat!
She past out.

Then woke up.

This was another day, entirely...but, everyday she's so cute!

Now, down to business....
Today we went to the HyVee. There is a brand new one that just opened this weekend and it looks HUGE from the outside…but, inside it is kinda small AND the isles are WAY too small. You can barely pass someone going the opposite way and forget about passing someone that’s going the same direction as you, because the isles is not wide enough for two grocery carts to pass going the same direction. Crazy! You build a brand new store and you make it too small? What? Our first clue was when we drove into the parking lot…it is SO small!!! Weird.
The good thing about grand openings is that there were a lot of food samples and there were a TON of workers constantly asking if you needed any help finding anything. And it was super clean and constantly being restalked. Nice!

Well, anyway, usually we do our grocery shopping on Tuesday nights but, Tuesday, we had a bad day. Something along the lines of bills being wrong and having to make multiple phone calls and explain the situation 50x’s to 25 different people…ya, had to explain it twice to most of them. Okay! I’m exaggerating, but you get the picture. THEN, our air conditioner leaked, for a couple of days, and we just realized the leak, Tuesday, right before we were going to leave for the grocery store. We decided to clean up the mess and go shopping the next day…which was today.

(flashback – background info)

Back in the day when I started this blog…Nathan was kind of “anti-blog guy.” He wouldn’t read it at first…I had to beg him. Then, he came around. And then, I started begging him to read other peoples’ blogs. He would tease me and call them brags instead of blogs and now he’s all up in the brag…I mean the blog reading frenzy. He has found a lot of friends from his past and even friends from his past that don’t have blogs…he TOTALLY wishes that they did!!! I also have a HUGE list of blogs I check everyday for new posts and he reads all of those too! Well, the ones of people he has met...that's where he draws the line.

So, now that I can “brag” about our shopping trip…here I go.

I haven’t bought ice cream since we moved here. I know!!! That’s like 6 whole weeks! It was the thing I went totally overboard on while I was pregnant so, I had to cut back for awhile. OH THAT MEADOW GOLD TIN CAN ALLEY!!!! (They don't have Meadow Gold here...BUMMER!!!) But, this shopping trip I made sure to put ice cream on the list (we try really hard not to buy things that are not on the list.) I actually put rainbow sherbet on the list…its fat free you know, that's how it got to stay on the list, I totally got away with it! But, once we were on the ice cream isle and I saw all those creamy delicious frozen recipes of goodness! I started begging Nathan for some ice cream. Sealed the deal when I found HIS favorite…Peppermint Stick (they usually only have that around Christmas time). Since he got his favorite and technically ice cream WAS on the shopping list…I got TWO flavors for myself!!! Ha ha! I am SO tricky! Plus, I gotta find a new favorite.

That wasn’t even the part that was the greatest thing to brag about. We were right on budget when we checked out, again!!! We are doing GOOD! Buying the ice cream and stayin’ on budget! YESSSSS!!!!


Emily said...

ice cream is like a God-send to the woman who is great with child... that is how I gained 70 lbs! ice cream is oh-so-good... but highly dangerous!

and i just have to say that i LOVE making floats with the peppermint ice cream... with sprite or 7-up... oh california christmases! how i miss them!

Natasha said...

Way to go for staying on budget! Marley is so cute, as usual :) Blue Bunny Bunny Tracks is really good ice cream but I'm pretty sure it's only at Wal-Mart. Ice cream is the best!

Julie J. said...

She really does look like she's holding on to the grass for dear life.

Natasha said...

Wow, that is so funny that you bought Blue Bunny. I must have been sending Bunny Tracks vibes your way! Great tastebuds do think alike!

Jeanette and Jason said...

You are so cute. I love reading your blogs. Marley is getting cuter and cuter by the blog. :)