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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Which Twilight Character Are You?

I found this on my friend Amy's blog. I just finished Eclipse so I was interested to know which female character I am most like.

I'm a Esme! I found out through TwilightersAnonymous.com. Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
Take the Quiz and Share Your Results!


Julie J. said...

I'm an Esme too.

Frasure Family said...

I think most mormon mom must be Esme, cause my sister and I are both! I can't wait for the movie! We want to have a twilight party before the movie!

Shalantie said...

I've seen a quizzes that say which female twilight character are you and/or which twilight character are you. I took the second one and it turns out that i'm EDWARD! At first I thought, "Ugh, but he's a boy" And then I realized that Edward is awesome and he totally makes the book. Everyone is in love with him- so i'm more than ok with "being like him". I'll have to take the female test and see which girl i'm most like.

Kerra 'n' Josh said...
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Kerra 'n' Josh said...

Esme, you're a babe!!! SHoot, i was Alice! That was fun to do! Thanks... So have you picked out Halloween costumes yet?

Shalantie said...

I just took the quiz from your blog and i'm Esme too. That's cool- she's super duper sweet. Aren't we all just so sweet? ;)

Brian and chelsea said...

What twilight character am I?
I am the one who refuses to read these and participate in the madness!


Did you know there is a website for Twilighters Anonymous?

Reno Wells said...

I am sure Allynn would love to talk with you about these books. I have read all of them so I get confused and ask her about things that have not happened yet in the book. She just finished Eclipse and is waiting for our friend to finish Breaking Dawn so she can read it next.

Michael & Cherilyn said...

Um, I like Esme the best. Way to go. But on another note, I was digging through some old computer files and guess what I found. I'll tell you!

Fourteen Reasons “Y” I Love Becky
• She makes me laugh
• She keeps me from getting bored at work
• I love sharing and hearing guy stories with her
• She’s going to marry “dude”
• She goes to the bookstore with me
• I learn about audiology and speech pathology almost everyday
• She taught me that I may have ‘fibromyalger’
• She always provides lotion for my dry hands
• Sometimes she gives me candy
• She lets me clock in and out on her computer
• She writes me nasty notes
• She makes me feel slow when she walks fast up the RB stairs
• She brought me back souvenirs from Hawaii
• She’s a big nerd and goofball – just like me!

aww, i miss those days with you!