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Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Productive Saturday

Our anniversary is coming on Monday and we got some curtains for our living room to honor this anniversary. 

Here are the before pictures. 
Not matchie-matchie. 
All of our current curtains (except for these new ones) are hand-me-downs from various people; which I do not mind and actually love free stuff, but there are several reasons these old ones were not working for us. 
The curtains on the smaller window on the left were minty green and 84 inches. 
I liked the color but TOO LONG. 
We had to tuck them up on the window seal because the radiant heater is along the floor board area. 
If long curtains cover the heater it messes them up...both the heater and possibly the curtains too.
We never opened these curtains.
 The curtains on the right were canvas type, 84" curtains that I tried to modify and turn the other way. 
Turned out they were too short.
We rarely closed these curtains.
People could see right into our house at night.
It made it really hard to sneak around the house in my underwear!
Hee hee!
 When I put the "modified" curtains up and realized they were going to be too short, I never finished modifying them. 
 Here are the after pictures! 
I should have ironed them before I put them up. 
But, you can see how messy our living room is already.
Someday, soon, maybe Monday I will iron them!
 Some pictures of the curtains mostly closed. 
I love the length!
 I love how easy they are to open and close!
 I opened the side curtains so you could possibly see the true color of the curtains. 
The color on the packaging is listed as Taupe.
They are little bit shiny. 
And they have a damask pattern of the same color but a little bit different texture. 
 The color and pattern kind of make me feel like they might look old fashioned but, I love them!
I would describe them as a warm gold color.
And you all know I love damask.
I don't know why...I just do...it can't be helped.
 Curtains open.
Girls getting into mischief. 
Standing on chairs and heaters...oh my!

 I tried to think of a way for Marley to get excited about cleaning all day. 
So, I suggested we put our aprons on! 

 Then she promptly asked if she could take pictures.
So, she took pictures while I cleaned.

 I love this one! (below)
 Her brown eyes are SO dark!

 Here is project #2 we had (I wanted) to get done today. 
Organized the girly clothes.
 This is what Marley did to help. 

 And like magic it was DONE & SO BEAUTIFULLY ORGANIZED!
 I totally need to do a whole post, JUST on organizing these girly clothes. 
I will!

I have to say though that Marley folded all her laundry and her sister's laundry today...and put all her laundry away! 
She is a big helper and a hard worker. 

Good job today, eh?


The Yuan Fam said...

I had to google damask :-)! I love the organized clothes. I need to do that w all the boys' clothes. Someday soon maybe! Love your guts!!

Sandy said...

Isabelle is getting so big. Look at those legs in the baby seat. And her hair is getting long. Didn't it take forever for Marlayna to get hair?