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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013

Most of you probably already saw these on Facebook, but my friend Shauna isn't on Facebook so, this is for you Shauna. 
And anyone else who hasn't seen them. ;-)

Our firs festivities began exactly one week before Halloween. 
Marley's school had a party/carnival/trunk or treat.
This is Marley all ready for her school party!
 The hat wouldn't stay on so we just took some pictures with it on and then she didn't wear it again. 
 We got the dress from a second hand store for $3.00! 
See Nathan and Isi photo bombing?
Nathan & Isi were sick, so Marley and I went together. 
 She got to pick her pirate accessories at the dollar store, which included earings, a compass, an eye patch (which she never wore cuz it was too tight) and a gun. I'm not a fan of weapons and I knew she wouldn't be able to take it anywhere so she picked out a glowing rose to put in the "holster" on her dress. Her favorite accessory is what I like to call the hairy head band. I don't know that I got a good picture of it but it was a strip of long black plastic hair glued to a head band and then a black braid was glued on top. 
 At the party they had face painters!
 I thought they did a great job.
 Marley loved it so much she wanted to sleep carefully and wear it to school the next day to show her teacher. I told her we'd see what it looks like in the morning. 
 Thankfully it has smudged so much she didn't argue about taking a shower and washing the rest off. 

Our next party was the downtown trick or treating. 
All the businesses down town give out loads of candy on the Friday before Halloween. 
They have to have loads because thousands of people come. 
It is crazy busy but fun too. 
We love seeing ALL the costumes!

 Isi was a cute little froggie!
Her chest says, "Kiss Me!"
 Since I have an aversion to the kitchen and its myriad of smells and temperatures so Nathan has been cooking and cleaning. And if he doesn't feel like cooking we eat out. We hardly ever eat out normally so, it's kinda fun! 
 We trick or treated as much as we felt because Nathan was still sick  and then we ate at Subway. 
Marley and Isi always share a pizza. Something about managing and eating a hoagie is hard for them but they love their cheese pizza. 

 Isi's a good blower but not too helpful because she likes to watch whomever is helping her blow. 

 I love this one below and how she is looking at me through the cup! 

 This was our family home evening on the Monday of Halloween. 
I am SO tired by 6:00 that by 7:00 I need to be in my bed. 
 Isi is using a deck of cards to call her peeps during FHE. 
 Our Soo Grandma, which is the Relief Society President in our Branch periodically gives Marley and Isi clothes and they usually match. 

Here they are in their matchie-matchie Halloween outfits. 

 On Facebook I said that Marley hasn't ever written on anything, but then I remembered she did write on a little shelf that Nathan made. Those were scribbles. 
So, she had been naughty before this. 
She just couldn't resist drawing a thank you picture on the bunkbed her dad is making for her. 
 Busted! We took a picture of it and then she had to try to sand it off. 

 Won't come off....we're gonna need to use the power sander. 
It maybe the first time that bunk bed is drawn on...but it won't be the last, I'm sure!

On Halloween, Marley had a half day at school and it was all fun and games so Isi and I joined the fun!

 Marley's teacher, Mr. McBride was Bob the Builder.
 And Ms. McGahey was a cowboy!


 Getting ready for the parade through the school.
Marley's class was the front of the parade.
Each class joined behind them. 
When we returned to her class we sat in the hall and watched the parade go by.

 Had to walk outside in the rain real quick to complete the circle through/around the school.

 Waiting for the rest of the parade to come by.

 The middle school kids did a little carnival for the kindergartners. 
This was the funniest and the most popular. 
Throw the ball at their heads! 
They would would try to duck but if they didn't see a ball coming they got nailed. 
They all loved it, even the middle schoolers!

 Then the fire alarm went off! 
It was chaos in that gym but everyone stopped and calmly walked out of the school. 
They all did it so fast and calmly and went right to where they were supposed to be, by their teacher. 
They did such a great job I was totally tearing up.
 They lined up, the teacher quickly took roll and then held up a green sheet to let others know we were all there. 

For some reason Isi wanted her hood off in the coldy rain. 
And right next to Marley's line our friend was with her class. 
Isi saw her and ran to her dear friend. 
 Robin is Simon the chipmunk.
Cute! Right!

 The kids were all wet and cold but once we got back inside the quickly warmed up and got back to partying!
 The only normal thing they did that day was Calendar.
Isi wandered to the front of the room and backed into the teacher and insisted his lap. 
Isi is a big flirt and loves men to hold her. 

 He seemed happy to hold her.
And just kept right on with instructing. 

 Then it was time for the FOOD!!!!

 Then part of a Scooby-Doo Movie.
 Since we trick or treated at Marley's school and downtown we told Marley we weren't going to trick or treat on Halloween. She was ok with that. 
We decided to go to Applebees since mom sent me a gift card for my birthday and Marley keeps getting free kid's meals for there, because of all the books we read. 
 It was fun!

Then we went home to pass out candy. 
Nobody came. 
It was raining pretty bad. 
But this is our first Halloween in this house so we don't know if we are just in a bad location and nobody ever comes or if it was the rain. 
I guess we'll see next year! 


The Yuan Fam said...

What great pictures!! I need to be better about taking pics. Some things go forgotten because I forget to take them. We'll see how that goes. I love all the cute costumes of the kids in Marley's school.

Shauna said...

Hey thanks!!! This is the best Halloween post ever!!!!!! There is not a picture missing! I love Marley and her drawing on the bed. And your baby girl is getting so big! She looks so much like you but I can see a tad of the other two in her, just a tad. :) Becky you are going strong on the posts...I love it!!!!! Love,

Shauna xoxoxoxox