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Sunday, November 3, 2013

I'm a wife & mother. A happy homemaker! I'm am what I consider an active parent in my community. My name is Becky. And I'm a Mormon.

Have you seen these?

Just click on the link and then click on a picture. 
Then you can watch, what I consider, an awesome short film!

Go ahead and go watch some!
There are hundreds!
They are so uplifting!
I love them.
I would direct you to my favorites, but I really do love all of them!

We all have a story. 

The site says:
"While our backgrounds and experiences are diverse, we share a deep commitment to Jesus Christ, to each other, and our neighbors. Watch these stories of faith in the everyday lives of Mormons.

Post edit/confession: I don't think I personally know anyone in any of these videos. But, I wish I new all of them...and kinda feel like I do after I watch.

I would love to see them about everyone I know...don't you think you'd know even your closest friends better once a video snippet is made of their life with cool music in the background?

Also, I wish they would make one about me.
I wonder what that would look like?
With my blog title...you probably already new my (secret) wish/confession.


Shauna said...

We also love these short clips. They are inspiring, uplifting and give us all a deep sense of community while at the same time helping us all to understand that we really are individuals with similar beliefs. Thank you for sharing this, it's a great thing. Love,

Shauna xo

The Yuan Fam said...

I love watching these videos because it helps me know that there are people out there like me; just ordinary people doing ordinary things.