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Monday, November 4, 2013

Ya live in da U.P. eh?

There are a lot of reasons the U.P. and maybe particularly Sault Ste. Marie (the Soo) is an interesting place to live. And before we moved here, we knew NOTHING about this place. Let me tell you a little bit about it. 

First, it is really close to Canada. I would say it borders Canada but it is separated from its twin city Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario by the Saint Mary's River. This river connects Lake Superior on the west and Lake Huron on the east and flows west to east. There used to be major rapids in the Saint Mary's River, thus the french name meaning, of Sault Ste. Marie, "the Rapids of Saint Mary" but because the fur trade saw how great the water is for trading Locks were built.  

Before we moved here, I wasn't even sure what a Lock was, uneducated?  Maybe. But, mostly just confused. Now I know! 
a short confined section of a canal or other waterway in which the water level can be changed by the use of gates and sluices, used for raising and lowering vessels between two gates.

Pretty cool right? We live by the Soo Locks.

And since there is water separating Canada from the U.S. and the Canadians definitely need to get over here and buy cheaper gas and shop at all our stores because when they return home they get all their taxes back, there is the International Bridge. It is 14,784 feet long, that's 4,506 meters OR 2.8 miles that's about 4.5 kilometers. 

I converted that all for you because everything on the radio says both. The weather: Today it will be partly cloudy with a high 52 or 11. They just say 52 or 11 but it's 52 Fahrenheit or 11 Celsius. Car commercials: Comes with Ford's Powertrain Warranty up to 250,000 miles or 400,000 kilometers. Something like that anyway. 

Speaking of the radio there are several French radio stations. I should listen and learn...right? I tried for like 45 seconds one day, I couldn't do it.  Plus, Marley said, "Mom! They are speaking Spanish!" She thinks every foreign language is Spanish....thanks to Dora, probably. But, if I had ever taken French it might actually be fun.  Also, our NPR is actually called CBC Radio, that's Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Cool right?

That's the northern border but, the U.P.'s south border has more water! The Mackinac Straits which connect Lake Michigan on the west and Lake Huron on the east and flows from west to east. The bridge down there is the Mighty Mackinac Bridge, AKA the Mighty Mac. 

You may wonder as I have, why the U.P. is even part of Michigan when they don't even touch but the U.P. is actually connected to Wisconsin.  Why isn't is just part of Wisconsin?  Well, if you're interested I found this very cool article explaining just that: Why the Upper Peninsula is Not Part of Wisconsin.

Now if you can tell me what a Yooper and a Troll is, in regard to Michigan, you get 1,000 bonus points. Here is your REALLY big hint. And if you search the internet webs and you're honest you still get 500 points. 

(Disclaimer: points are actually meaningless so don't be tryin' to redeem them!)


Shauna said...

This is so interesting. I'm glad you did this post because I always wondereed what the "Soo" was.

I took two years of French in high school and then three years in college, for Pete's Sake, you'd think I could speak it but I can't. However, I could get by listening to those radio stations to a degree. It's much easier to understand than to speak, for me at least. :)

Marley looks cute as ever. It's so good to see her. Love,

Shauna xo

The Yuan Fam said...

I think it's so cool that you live where you do because of all the educational stuff you get to be a part of. I'm sure there's a ton of stuff around me but it just doesn't seem as cool.

Sandy said...

so glad I got to see a picture of Marley. I am going to have to look up what Yoopers and Trolls are.

Laurie said...

Trolls live "Under the Bridge" meaning south of the Mackinac Bridge. I grew up outside of Lansing, so I was a Troll. A lot of my family still live there.