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Life is great!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I love Sara Bareilles. 

I heard this new song of hers quite awhile ago and then I didn't hear it again for the longest time. 

She just recently sang it on The Voice, which is one of my favorite TV addictions.

That reminded me of the song and that....

I love it! 

I thought I'd share it with you.

I looked it up on youtube and she has a music video for it!!!!!

Marley and I just watched it and WE LOVE IT!!!!

I hope you love it too.

Here it is again if you need help falling in love with the lyrics. 


The Yuan Fam said...

I like that song too and I saw her perform it on The Voice. She did a great job...sometime I wish that the artist just did it instead of all 'The Voice' singers joining in. "I wanna see you be BRAVE!"

The Yuan Fam said...

Oh my gosh! I watched the lyrics video and waited until after I posted a comment to watch the actual video...I wanna be BRAVE! I did not stop smiling the whole time I was watching. And the guy in the plaid with the beard totally reminded me of Peter. I have no idea if Pete would ever do anything like that, but I love that I could see him in that guy.

The Yuan Fam said...

One more...THAT TOTALLY MADE MY DAY!! I'm gonna figure out how to put it on my blog so all my friends can watch it too!!

Shauna said...


I do love this too. It's a great beat with great lyrics. I just read your last post again and was thinking that you are so blessed to have your husband. What wonderful qualities you listed. He's a gem who fell in love with another gem. :) Hope you are well. I loved this song post. I would do more of this if I knew how. Ha! Anything special on my blog is done by my husband. Someday I'll learn. It's a miracle I can blog. :) Take great care,

Shauna xo

Sandy said...

I feel so happy right now.