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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Missed Church Today....

Isabelle has one of those colds where your eyes are glued shut in the morning, from thick eye boogers that moved in overnight. 

So, we stayed home from church today.

I missed going to church. 
But, according to weather.com the high today was 17 degrees and the low was 16 degrees; however, all day it said it felt like 13 degrees. I guess that's with the windchill factored in and what not. 
At least it wasn't negative...but, still, it was nice to be inside under a blanket all day. 

Last week we had our Primary Program. 
It was great.
There was a great turn out considering, Marley is the only active child in the Primary and there were 4 children in the program! The other children had actually come the two weeks before the program, so they practiced too. 
Today it was just Marley again. 
Maybe we should have a Primary Program at the end of each month? 

Anyway, this got me to thinking about the Primary Songs. 
I love them!
I love them ALL!

I do have some favorites and so I tend to sing these every night to Isi as I rock her and she drinks her bottle.
(Well, usually Nathan puts Isi to bed, but when he's not here.)

In no particular order:
(There is a play button just above and to the left of the song title. If you want to listen to it with children singing the lyrics, it looks like you have to download it on the right of the screen. "Vocals and Music")

Some others I love, but don't sing at bedtime:
(again, no special order)

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The Yuan Fam said...

We just got finished with bedtime when I read this. I love when my kids can finish the lines of the songs I sing to them. And, they say that singing kids are happy kids.