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Life is great!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

I over did it today.

I joined the local Mops group. That's mothers of preschoolers. It's a nondenominational Christian group. I'll tell you more about that another day, but they had a 2 hour meeting today and it was wonderful.

Following that meeting I went to Applebee's. Remember we went there for dinner on Halloween? Well, I'm so awesome I left my wallet there. When I called the next day they hadn't found it. I searched our house and car and retraced my steps a thousand times. I watched our accounts like a hawk because I really didn't think it had really been lost out stolen... Just misplaced. Risky, I know. Today I decided that I had to go there and ask again. As they checked I crossed my fingers and prayed it would be there! And it was! 

Then I met Nathan at his work and we ate lunch in the snow together, in the warm car while Isi was passed out in the back. We had a wonderfully uninterrupted conversation and got to discuss secrets... Mostly about Christmas.
It was lovely!
Almost like a real date!

Then I was feeling pretty good and had even curled my hair under this morning so Isi and I went to Marley's school to hang out and help. Plus we wanted to watch Marley be the line leader which encompasses many responsibilities including leading the line to various places throughout the day.
We found them in art. Isi and I passed out paint brushes.
Then we followed them back to their room where they made cardboard pizzas with shapes and patterns.
Then we got to go to computers with them!
Those kids are good at logging in and double clicking and dragging the mouse and even actually playing pattern games and math games and letter games!
Then we enjoyed free time and snack time and Marley got to show and share too. She took in a commemorative coin that her Grandpa Alger gave her. Maybe it's more of a medallion, but It's from the Boy Scout of America's bicentennial in 2010.

We stayed until just before their last recess, then Marley graciously said we could go.

By the time Nathan was home and Marley soon after I was so exhausted and it was making me nauseous and shaky. I lay down while my sweet husband did everything including make dinner, clean it up, get ready for a meeting, get the girls ready for bed and then go to his meeting.

By that time I had to be a mom again and take care of the girls. Marley got 4 of her card games and came to my bed. We gave one to Isi because she's a sore loser and has to empty the box on her own and use her own method of shuffling and playing and losing and then winning... It's all pretty dramatic.

Marley and I played old maid and crazy eights.
Then Isi had had enough so I went and put her to bed.

Marley got face cards from her school so I taught her slap jack tonight. She loved it and kept begging and begging to play more even though she kept losing. I really think she would have tried to play all night had I allowed it. Finally I said "come on it's really time for bed and if you don't hop to it I'm gonna have to slap jack your bum!"

We laughed and laughed.
Then we said prayers together.
Then I got up and went with her to tuck her in and she slap jacked my bum and giggled the whole way!
But she did it super quiet and didn't wake Isi so.........


The Yuan Fam said...

Sounds like a busy and fun day!! I'm a little anxious about our bedtime routine. Arthur's schedule changed, so it's all me now. But, thankfully, I have him around pretty much all day; like today, we went to the store together and I didn't feel overwhelmed dragging the kids around. It was amazing!

Shauna said...

You are so funny. We had a similar night. It was one of those nights where we sit to read scriptures and we start talking and cracking up and next thing you know it's an hour later and we haven't read scriptures, it's way past bed time but we bonded as a family...so there ya go. I love this post. You are a great mom Becky. Just love you,

Shauna xoxoxo

Sandy said...

Remember when we knelt to say family prayer one time and Dad was saying it and we all could not stop laughing and he got so disgusted with us all? I never wanted that to happen again. AND I love crazy 8s the precursor to UNO.

Meg said...

Sounds like a great day - you are such a good mom and your kids are so lucky to have a mom that plays cards with them!

Michelle said...

Haha! Gotta love a good bum-slap!