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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Am I Wrong?"

I missed a day of blogging.
I have lots of really good reasons.
It was a really busy day and I'm not organized enough to be ahead on my posts.
I have one really good reason....
I got a migraine last night, with a floater, so I couldn't see.
I had to go right to bed.

I hesitated to even bring up that I missed a day, because I know that you understand me and wouldn't judge me too harshly.

Am I Wrong?
(I am not wrong.)

That is not where my blog title comes in, though it did fit perfectly, didn't it?

"Am I Wrong"?" is a....
 song title.

Side note:
Nathan doesn't really read the blog....
So, I'm gonna tell you one of his Christmas presents.
I purchased the song "Am I Wrong" by Love Spit Love's.
A particular version of the song. = D

First, I have to tell you why I got it for him.

Whenever we watch anything we have the captions on, of course.
Nathan reads everything and he reads fast.

And of course he even reads the song lyrics when they are provided, which in most movies they are provided.

I don't.

If we are watching something that is soft or quiet I usually only look at the captions if I missed something. Sometimes they are ever so slightly delayed or they are extremely delayed so they are helpful for me to pick up stuff I missed. Or if they have strong accents (BBC!!!), captions are super helpful, to me too.

During the songs, I just listen and watch and enjoy but I'm not usually catching much of the lyrics. Music is so funny that way, it can set a scene by it melody even if the lyrics are telling the story! Music evokes emotion, we all know that. Then when you actually pay attention, the lyrics can bring new meaning or reinforce the feelings you get from the melody.  Lyrics can mean different things to different people. To one person, a song lyrically could mean nothing and make no real sense to them, and to another person the same song can speak to their soul and have a deep impression.
Music is SO cool.

There is a movie called "Angus".
My sister Julie  introduced me to this movie, she really liked and so did I.
It's about a kid in high school in the 90's and that was us.
He's a good kid.

High School movies are often crude and crass and overly sexual.
I will usually watch them once and then never again.
I would say that "Angus" has a bit of that but the overall message of the movie is nothing that comes close to any High School movie I have ever seen.
In fact, I love this movie.
I recommend it.

Okay, so I introduced this movie to Nathan and he really liked it too.
At the beginning of the movie there is a song and I remember thinking that I liked the song and especially the arrangement or execution of the song.
Nathan liked the song for the same reasons but he also really liked the lyrics.

After we watched the movie, we watched the beginning again, for the song.
Then we tried to find that version online.
I don't think we looked long but felt we couldn't find that version and gave up.

Well, recently he brought that song up.
I got online and found that the version we like is only available for purchase on the soundtrack and you can't even just purchase that song. That is one of the songs that is only available if you purchase the whole soundtrack.
So I did!
He is getting the whole CD for Christmas and I think the other songs will be great too.

That big ol' long explanation and here is the best part....videos!

The first one is the opening of the movie "Angus".
So cool with the horns and drums and marching band and color guard.
And we really like the lyrics.

The second one is the same version of the song with the lyrics to read as the song plays...if you want.


Good song right? 

"Am I Wrong?"

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The Yuan Fam said...

Bummer about the migraine...:-( I hope you're feeling much better. I've never seen Angus, but now I want to watch it because of the connection with us being high schoolers in the '90s. High school was good for me so I don't might going back to those days.