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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Found These...

While I was looking through pictures for a different post....

I found THESE!!!!
  Aren't they wonderful!
 I love that guy!
He was experimenting with Seneca Crane's funky beard style.
I think he did pretty good, considering he was doing it from memory, he has no fancy shaving tools, and definitely doesn't have a beard styling consultant slash designer. 

I think I might have him try it again with ME as his beard styling consultant slash designer.
We'll definitely have this picture as a reference. 

Wycked cool!


The Wells said...

We had a guy in our ward that did this for Halloween. It was pretty good.

Shauna said...

Your husband has a great smile. Kirk has a beard right now. I like it, but I don't love it. I think if he trimmed it and tailored it a bit, I would love it. We'll see. He really is liking this rugged man thing. Cute post,

Shauna xoxoxoxxox

I commented back to you on my blog.

And thinking about homeschool, you are, I read. I'm excited for you Becky. I think you'll probably find that if you were to just start putting short words together like "up" and "us" she will start reading. She should if she knows the sounds. That's great! Good luck with that, it's a fun journey.

Shauna xooxoxoxoxox

Julie J. said...

That is so funny. He looks kind of mean in the first two. Like a dangerous biker or something.

The Yuan Fam said...

That is awesome!! I'll bet they used some dark make up pencil to make the curly cues more prominent (on his cheek and under his ear). Can't wait to see the pics of your styling!!

Jill said...

Those pictures are gross AND FUNNY!