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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Not Totally Forgotten

Today is our six year anniversary....
We just remembered about 6 minutes ago while we read Marley bedtime stories.

So far our anniversaries haven't been a very big deal. 

Wait, I have to tell you that I just threw a pillow at Nathan's head as he got ready to climb into bed.
He got mad at me. 
I laughed and said, "Do you remember our first pillow fight!?!" 
He said, "No." (with a smile)
I said, "Yes you do!"
Then he said "Oklahoma"
And I was satisfied. 

The beauty of being married. 
We've never been to Oklahoma.
But that indeed was the correct answer.
Back to our anniversary...
Don't be sad that we forgot today was our anniversary
because we actually celebrated it on Friday!

Our dear friends Robin and Eric hijacked our kids and pushed me out their door at 2:15pm.
Nathan got off at 2:30 so, I went and got him. 
We went to a few shops around town.
We found ourselves at the NEW TJ MAXX! 
Yes, the Soo got a TJ Maxx at the end of October.
We hadn't been there yet.
It's small and a little disappointing in that aspect.
But, we got two Christmas presents! 
One for me and one for him!
So nice to get some Christmas shopping done.

Then we went to Dollar Tree and got a few small gifts and stocking stuffers.

Then we went to Applebee's.
(The ONLY chain restaurant here)
Oh yea, I forgot to say that our dear friend Robin threw an Applebee's gift card at my head as she shut the door on me.  (dramatized for reader satisfaction...sorry my posts are kinda boring and wordy!)

I have to say, it has been a REALLY REALLY long time since we have been on a date, alone, and in a restaurant. 
I also have to say....

We had yummy food.
Ordered drinks!
Raspberry Lemonade and a Pepsi.
And we shared a yummy yummy dessert! 

Then we called Robin and Eric, just to make sure the girls were fine...mostly Isabelle. 
This was the first time we have ever left her with anyone. 

She's just like Marley....indifferent about her parents not being around. 
Happier even. 
Oh well.

So, we went and bought movie tickets for....
Pitch Perfect. 

The movie didn't start for an hour so, we sat in the movie theater lobby and talked to each other with NO interruptions! 
Again, AWESOME!!! 

The movie....
It was pretty good. 
I loved the music.
I loved the idea.
Some of the acting was bad.
Some of the writing was bad.
Some scenes I could have done without.

I'll just leave it at that. 

Would I recommend it to everyone.

I don't know how long it's been out, but did I mention there were six people in the theater, including us?

I would have loved to have seen the new James Bond, but it started too late.
My headlights burn out around 9pm these days.

So, that's it. 
I think that was the funnest and most eventful anniversary we've had.
Well, one year we went to Gardner Village....that was pretty fun. 
Hmmm....one time we stayed in a Hotel in Salt Lake.
Oh! When we lived in Nebraska we went to HuHot...that place was GOOD!!!
AND Chuck E Cheese.

Ok, so I lie...we've had AWESOME anniversaries! 

But, really!
For our 10th, 15th....hmm...probably not til 20th, 
I'd LOVE to go on a Cruise! 
We've never been but, I think that would be so fun!
I'm exactly sure I'd love to go on a Caribbean Cruise.
I'm exactly sure Nathan would love to go on an Alaskan Cruise.
But, I'm also exactly sure we'd want to go together so we'd decided on one of those.

Have you been on a cruise?  
What do you do for your anniversary?
Low key or big and fancy?
Babysitter or take the kids along? 
Tell me all about it!


Julie J. said...

Happy Anniversary! I do not want to hear about "your first pillow fight."
Our anniversaries are pretty low key but for our tenth, while I was prego with Lola, we went to SLC and saw The Lion King Broadway version, which was really good and we stayed the night at the Grand America, which was totally haunted, so it was an awesome little trip, but we usually just go out to dinner, no gift exchange or anything fancy like that.

The Yuan Fam said...

Sounds like fun!!! I love the anniversaries where we just get to sit and talk with each other without any interruptions. Kids are great...let's be honest though, it's so nice to have a night to yourself!

Shauna said...

I love wordy posts!!! I read every word, you could test me! Happy Anniversary!!!!! Really, I am so happy that you got to be a couple without the children for a little while. It's good to get taken back to those blissful times. Congrats Becky on having a great family, take care,
Shauna xoxoxoxoxoxxo

Natasha and Jesse said...

Happy (belated) Anniversary! Sounds kind of like ours. We celebrated our first anniversary on October 8th and we were sick -including Malachi. We made homemade chicken noodle soup together, ate it and then went to bed!