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Thursday, November 15, 2012


My sissy tagged me a Kreativ blog....
so now I gots to tell you 10 things about ME.

1. I have lived in Utah, Montana, California, Florida, Nebraska, and Michigan. I think that's pretty cool! Wouldn't mind trying a few more states like Colorado, Idaho, Washington or Oregon! Arizona would be cool, to me....not so much to my husby. He'd really like to live in Alaska. I think I'd be okay with that...as long as it wasn't long term. I'd really just like to get closer to our families. 

2. In the past year or so I have kept track of and used up TWO chapticks! On my way to using up 3, 4 and 5. Granted, I have help using them...yes, our chapsticks are communal. But, keeping track of them til they're gone is quite the accomplishment for me! Keeping them in designated areas really helps. My purse or the diaper bag are popular spots. My pocket and my nightstand are other good places. The pocket, as you probably know, can be risky. 

3.  Lately, I love me some Homemade Chili and Homemade Corn bread. We put about 5 cans of beans (is that still considered homemade?) in the crock pot. My favorite are black beans, but we also include pinto, kidney, red beans, and some "chili" beans. I'm not even sure if there is a difference between red, pinto and "chili" beans? But, whatever. We also put in ground beef, onions and sometimes we put in a Chili packet (is that still considered homemade?). If we don't use a chili packet we load it with chili powder, onion and garlic powder, and and liquid smoke. I love it with shredded cheddar and a dalup of sour cream. Mmmmm....It always turns out yummy and is gone before I know it! We just had it last week with the Missionaries. Yes we feed the missionaries chili.  And yes, we fed our baby chili. ;-)

4. I am the Primary President and the Nursery Leader. I am THAT talented. 

5. I serve on the Policy Council for Marley's school. We approve curriculum changes, consider safety issues and solutions, we approve curriculum for teaching health and safety and much much more. We meet only once a month and they feed us lunch. It's fun and meaningful, to me. I have been able to meet very nice people and network a little. This year I am running to be the Chairperson, Co-Chairperson or Secretary.

6. I am absolutely addicted to the show The Voice. 

7. Our friends in Traverse City, MI taught us a cool trick with fish. He is an avid fisherman and She believes if they are going to eat God's creations they should try their best not to waste it. So, when they have fish for dinner and if there is any left over they flake it up and put BBQ sauce on it. Then they eat it the next day on crackers! We tried it at their house with rainbow trout...yummy!  Since we came home we tried it with canned tuna and canned salmon!  It's good! 

8. I am currently reading the Book of Mormon for the 9th time in my life. Yes, I have kept track. I have started it several times more but, sometimes it is super hard to get through first and second Nephi. All the Isaiah is hard for me. (I think I might do a whole post on this.)

9. Lately, this is my favorite sound. In our house it is quite common and it is the sound of a happy baby!
I wish I could have got her doing it several times....it's hilarious! She was doing it over and over, got the camera out and made several videos and this was the best one. Maybe I'll try it again another day?

10. Hmmmm......hard pressed to think of one more thing....something I haven't shared on posts like this.....I'm sure I've shared this.....My top two most favorite vacations: Hawaii and Japan! Awesome! I have never done posts just about those vacations....hmmmm.....maybe I will?

Thank you Julie for choosing me for the Kreativ Blog Award. I'm honored and humbled. ;-) Loved reading your 10 things about you.


Shauna said...

Becky, I always love your answers. Guess what? I am reading Isaiah right now with a companion reader to help better understand it. The reader is really great. The author is making a comparison between the D&Cs and the book of Isaiah. So far I have enjoyed it. I have to take notes though because I have horrible retention levels. Maybe we can both post on this and link up!!!! Love you,

Shauna xoxoxox

The Yuan Fam said...

Makes me want to have chili for dinner!!! Yum!!

Julie J. said...

Dude, Now I have to do a post about chap stick... fish and bbq? I don't know...
Isi is such a cutie marootie!

Natasha and Jesse said...

I love this post!
I'm curious...what kind of chapstick do you use? I have to say that is impressive. I have a lot of trouble keeping track of chapsticks.

I love chili and cornbread too. I'm trying to find a really good cornbread recipe.

Go you! You are talented...how do you manage being Primary President and being in the nursery?

Isabelle sounds like Malachi! We call him our little screech owl! That is too funny they both make the same sound. I love it.

I miss you!