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Life is great!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Oh kids!

Yesterday, I had lunch at Marley's school.
With Marley.
And all her little friends too.

While we ate, I asked the cute little girl next to me if she dressed up for Halloween.
She excitedly said, in her cute little squeaky voice,
"Yes! I was a witch!"

While she pointed at to different locations on her face:
one offset on the tip of her nose
and the other offset on her chin
she said, 
"I had one nipple right here. And one nipple right her."

In the matter of one half second I thought,
"Did she just call her warts or moles NIPPLES!?!?!?!


But really I just held in a little giggle.

Before I knew it.

In the matter of one quarter second Marley corrected her by saying, 

"Those aren't NIPPLES!" 

And then she pointed, by touching MY NIPPLES. 


Her point, by touching alternated left to right, left to right.

I was instantly embarrassed and even faster I was trying to get her to stop pointing and touching MY NIPPLES! 

It was hilarious.

And embarrassing.

Once I finally got Marley to STOP! 
I said, "She's right. They are actually called warts or moles. What were yours?"

Cute little squeaky voiced girl got embarrassed (but not as embarrassed as me) shook her head and said,
"OH! Yea! They were warts!"  

Oh kids!

PS - Blogging everyday this month!


Shauna said...

Hilarious, kids are so funny, too much. Cute post...

On the matter of pot roast. Do you have a Costco? I get all of my meat at Costco. To be honest we don't eat that much but they have the best cut and quality of meats hands down for sure. So if you go to your Costco they will have cuts of meat that say "pot roast." If they don't just ask, they are very helpful. The cut I get is about 12.00. That may seem a lot but with the size of your family but, it will give you leftovers for a few days. A win/win situation the way I see it.

Yes, I love family tradition and in the way of Thanksgiving I know quite a few families that do something other than Turkey. My mom use to braise a rack of lamb (slow braise) in the oven. It was so dang good.

So the Prime Rib...try Costco becasue they cut the meat right behind the meat counter maybe they can do a special cut for you? To be honest I've never seen a Prime Rib cut there but I haven't really looked either. I would think with Prime Rib you would need to get a very good quality peice of meat. Alright, can't wait to see and hear more about this meal....I love blogging everyday. I can't seem to get a lot of posting done the rest of the year but when you commit to doing it everyday and you tell the whole world the pressure is on! :) It's fun... Love,

Shauna xoxoxxoo

Shauna said...

Hey Becky, make the pot roast you won't be dissapointed. And I was going to tell you just follow the recipe just as it is. If you don't have the fresh herbs don't worry about that, no biggy. Just be sure to follow the recipe. Like I said her recipe isn't anything super special but it's just the right combination of things, okay talk soon,


Julie J. said...

HAHAHAHAHA! That is so, so funny! I would have been embarrassed too. Why didn't she point at her own nipples?! What a funny girl!

The Yuan Fam said...

I laughed so hard I cried!! Then I told Arthur and he was cracking up. Way to go Marley...at least she knows where her nipples are ;-). Dude, I would've been bright, BRIGHT, red. Love it!!