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Friday, November 16, 2012

the weekend {sigh}

Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the hardest days for me to post. 
I'm either in a hurry because we go into town on Fridays, and we gotta get there by 10 so we can enjoy the full measure of playdate!
Or Nathan is around to distract me.
Or I just don't feel like it.

I try to get ahead of myself and have some posts ready for the weekend....
still working on that. 

So here is what we have planned this weekend!

Get ourselves ready to spend the day in the Soo!
Including pack a lunch....usually pb&j
Have a blast at playdate.
This is held at the Big Bear Ice Arena in one of their gyms.
The kids play with balls, hula hoops, wheely board things and each other. 
They can also bring bikes and push toys and scooters. 
Last week there were some child size hockey nets. 
The kids turned them toward the wall and there was a gaggle of girls in one and a beastly brood of boys in the other. 
It was funny because the girls were in there, standing, talking, playing calmly. 
The boys were in there with balls and trucks and they were all on top of each other. Even though I'm sure those little goals are not sturdy enough, there were at least two boys hanging on the frame and one boy hanging in the net. 
And oh boy where they LOUD! 
The parents just chat, sometimes walk or run to break up disturbances. 

Then we will hopefully play at the playground while we snack on our lunch.
This will really depend on how cold and/or how wet it is outside and on playground. 

We will probably find ourselves at the library at some point.

Maybe at our friends' house.

Nathan usually gets off at 2:30 on Fridays...sometimes earlier!
So, we go pick him up and then we go grocery shopping as a family.

We usually stay home on Saturdays and play, work and rest around the house. 
But, this Saturday we have been invited to a fund raiser at the bowling alley!
Bowling: not my most favorite thing to do....but, most fun as a family. ;-)

Go to church 10-1
Every third Sunday is High Council Sunday and people from our District Leadership travel WAY up to the Soo and speak to us.
(usually about a 3 hour drive....one way.)
We reward their long travel and well prepared talks with a POT LUCK!
So, this week it's Pot Luck Sunday!
We will be taking something chocolate pudding-ish.

Well, that's a wrap. 

I shall probably report back with some pictures of some of these activities. 

Have a wonderful and safe weekend! 

We love you all!


Shauna said...

We love you all too! Your weekend sounds most fun with quality time as a family. I love going grocery shopping as a family, I don't know why but just do. Great Weekend

Shauna xoxoxoxoxxoox

Sandy said...

time to change your header. You now HAVE #2.