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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nice day! Eh?

I'm always so relieved to find new, easier, low stress ways to get things done around the house.
Quickly, efficiently and organized.

I feel like this comes easier to others.

When I've had jobs...like outside of the house, that is how I roll.
Quick, efficient, organized.

You'd think my house was perfect!
Always, clean.
Always, organized.

My babe is 7 months old and we are just figuring out a nice daily schedule.
Namely, a nap schedule. 
Cuz, lets face it, that's when I get the most done.

I've noticed recently that Isi's best nap is in the morning. 
It's the longest. 
Usually from around 9-ish to 11-ish. 

And she is the crankiest right around the time I am trying to get dinner made and on the table. 

So, today I was a genius and during Isi's morning nap I prepped all the ingredients for our soup we had for dinner. 

AND I started salmon chowder and put it in the fridge for tomorrow night! 

Tonight, all I had to do was cook up ingredients that were already, washed, peeled, and chopped. 
Just threw it all together. 

Tomorrow, all I gots to do is heat the start of the soup and add the cream corn, salmon and evapt'ed milk. 

I think I might try this everyday...takes so much pressure out of the end of the day, when everyone is tired.



This week I officially changed laundry day from Monday to Tuesday.
Mondays were stressing me out. 
I wanted all the laundry done and put away by dinner. 
I wanted dinner on the table when Nathan got home.
And I wanted us to clean up dinner and then have Family Home Evening. 

But, most Mondays the laundry wasn't put away. 
Dinner was barely on the table in time. 
And I wasn't ready for FHE so the dishes would wait til the next day. 

So, laundry day is now Tuesday and it worked out perfectly today!


If anything is "missing" which in our house usually just means miss placed, 
Marley's serious and heart felt suggestion is,
"Maybe rats took it?"
"Maybe rats carried it away?"

I am seriously SO glad we don't have rats!  Ick!


Isi's most favorite time of day is when Nathan walks in the door. 
She is IN LOVE with him. 

Her second favorite part of the day is when Marley gets home from school.

Her LEAST favorite time of day is when she wakes up from her morning nap and realizes she is home alone with boring ol' mom.

Her favorite thing to do is dance with Marley. 
She always looks for me as they are moving and sort of spinning and if we make eye contact she smiles so big and then can't stop laughing. 

She still has no teeth...not even one little crest of a tooth anywhere in that mouth. 
I'm not complaining though. 

She hasn't started crawling.
She rolls everywhere and scoots backwards.
She gets stuck a lot!

She loves to be held in the standing position or held by her hands standing against the couch.

She does get up on her hands and gets into a crawling position with her knees...but nothing yet. 

She has been sitting for long periods of time for awhile now.
Today, she sat up all by herself!
She was in the crawling position and then just leaned to the side, swung her right arm to her side as she sat on her bum and used her left arm to sit straight up!!!

It was awesome and surprised us all! 


That's about it for today! 

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Shauna said...

I second the laundry on Tuesday for sure, Mondays are busy for most of us. I love that she loves to dance with sissy!!! You have to get pictures of this, maybe video? For the blog!!!!

My babies don't get teeth until about ten months. I love it. Who needs teeth when your nursing. Well I guess they do eat solids then, but still. :} Cute post Becky, I love the updates.

Oh and I realize you ask a lot of questions that I don't always answer-sorry. For the record:

Yes, Kalen is Kay-len.
We had sixteen people for Turkey Day and I made 72 rolls. Can you really ever have enought? No. :)

Is that it? I'll check back if there is more...xoxoxoxoxxoo