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Life is great!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Voted.

Nathan voted before he went to work.
But that meant he wouldn't be able to catch the bus, so he had to take the car.

So once the girls woke up and we were all ready,we bundled up and walked about 3 blocks to vote.
SO glad the weather let us do that. 
SO cold but, not raining or snowing. ;-)
 So toasty warm.
 Even though it's cold, it has been a battle to get Marley to wear her coat. 
Marley gets picked up by a little school bus and one of the rules is that you have to have your coat on and you have to keep it on for the whole bus ride. 
She is the first one to be picked up so, I was letting her wear long sleeves and a sweatshirt over the top. 
Then we'd stuff her coat in her backpack for when they play outside.
That was perfect for her at the time, but, I think it's getting cold enough that she's starting to relent. 
 Township Hall on the right.
No small town is not complete without a water tower.

 The girls behaved perfectly while I voted. 
Before we went I let Marley know what to expect and we talked about what I would be doing and I needed her to sit in the stroller next to Isi and keep them both quiet. 
They did great!
 I Voted.
  I love this picture!
I'm such a good photographer! Ha!
 Then we waited for the bus. 
 Usually she rides all over the drive way. 
But, the neighbor's car was there and our car was not in the garage and the garage was open and she really wanted to do donuts in the garage. 
I had my doubts but she maneuvered great.

 Should have gotten a picture when the bus came. 
Oh well.

So, other places I have voted they gave out stickers that said, "I Voted!" 

Not here. 

So, I made my own. 

Pretty awesome eh?


Julie J. said...

Isi looks so cute all bundled up like that. She also looks like she's trying to stay warm.

Kathy said...

Good for you!

Shauna said...

Me too..I voted. I love the sticker, and that's a bummer they don't hand them out because I always feel so good wearing them.

Great pictures of the kids. I cannot believe how cold it is there. It's like Californians are living in another dimension. It was warm, 80 degrees here today. Now mind you it's dropping down to 62 tomorrow with chance of showers, thank goodness because I can only stand so much sun. And we need to be able to have hot chocolate sometime here.... :)


Shauna xoxoxoxxo