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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Full Moon

It's a full moon tonight!

My mom has a tradition of calling her grandchildren when there is a full moon and she howls at the moon with them.

When I was a missionary in Montana, I made my companions howl at the moon with me. 

Since, we see the moon first over here in Mich. and grandma doesn't see it until after we are in bed, we call her when we see it. 

Last year, grandma had a full-on Moon Party with her grandchildren in Utah. 
She even gave them assignments before hand. 
One had to make a moon decoration, for the party.
One had to do a report and make a poster on the phases of the moon. 
One had to read Goodnight Moon to everyone. 
I can't remember all of the assignments because we weren't able to be there,
but they had Moon Pies and then watched a movie outside and had it projected onto the shed in the backyard. 
Doesn't that sound FUN!?!?!


This summer, since we were not available to celebrate the full moon while we were in Utah, my mom took us all star gazing. 
I think there was a meteor shower going on at the time, but I think we might have been on the wrong side of the Wasatch Mountains to see it? Or something?

But we did see some shooting stars!

Grandma brought along Starbursts!!!
And donuts.
And chocolate milk.
And glow in the dark necklaces for a ring toss game...
and then everyone got a glow necklace after the game!!

We brought blankets and chairs.

My sister Liz was using an app on her phone to name and point out constellations. 

It was SO fun!

 I edited this one below...but I kinda like the dark ones....cuz it was getting dark. 


Last month, our little family had a moon party. 
I made homemade pizza....
cuz, "When the Moon hits your eye like a biga' pizza pie, that's amore!" 
We looked that song up on youtube and watched Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis sing it in Moonstruck. 
Marley LOVED that and sings the song all the time now. 
We had OREOs and then called Grandma and howled. 
It was so fun!

I think the full moon is a great excuse to have a party every month! 
And when there is a blue moon month...twice in a month!

So far we haven't had a Moon party every month but we do manage to eat a sleeve of OREOs from the Family Sized boxes every full moon. ;-)


Robin....if  you're reading this....next full moon!  
Party at my house!



Meg said...

Looks like so much fun! What a great idea for a family activity.

Shauna said...

Becky, what a great post. Your mom is such an inspiration. I love her so much and have from the moment I met her. You are so blessed to have been raised by such wonderful parents.

Okay , and yes. The moon party is awesome. This a home school to do for sure.

I want to be grandma like your mom. She's just so great. I love this post Becky, family time is the best time. Love always,

Shauna oxoxoxoxoooxxoo