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Life is great!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

What a fun day!

We love the Missionaries.
We had them for dinner this past Thursday. 
Elder Mann, left and Elder Snow, right. 
Marley likes to "dress" for dinner when the missionaries come.
We try to have them a least once a transfer (every 6 weeks), but probably should try to feed them more often because I think they only get 1 maybe 2 dinner appointments a week...if they're lucky (blessed).

Elder Mann has been here for 4 1/2 months and Elder Snow has been here for 6 weeks (one transfer!).
They just found out last night that Elder Snow is getting transferred! 
We just got him!!!!

They also told us that since the announcement of the younger age requirements to serve a full-time mission, the Michigan Lansing Mission will be getting 146 more missionaries and opening 43 new areas in the next few months! 
The majority will probably be SISTERS!!!!

That sounds like A LOT of work for President Hess and the Mission office Missionaries. 
But, SO exciting!

 I got to go to a teaching appointment with the Elders TODAY! 
I dropped Nathan and the girls off at the Library.
I met the Elders and another Brother from our branch. 
It was so nice to be there! 
I love to watch the Gospel change people's lives!

I went and joined my little tribe at the Lib.
We love the library!

 This is Ms. Lehman!
She is the best children's librarian.
They had already picked out all their books. 
I hurried and grabbed some books regarding "How to teach your child to read."
I really think Marley could learn to read. 
She KNOWS the alphabet and all their sounds.
Next step?

We'll, see. 
I'm gonna read the books.
Try it.
If she's not into learning to read yet....or learning from me....then no harm done.

This is actually also a test to see how open she is to having me as a teacher.
Thinking about MAYBE homeschooling her. 
Maybe I'll blog about that another day.

We headed over to Family Video because they sent us some pretty sweet coupons! 
We rented Dance Party 4 and Zumba 2 for our Wii.
I think I want one of those for Christmas so we rented them to see which one we liked better. 

Then we headed over to the Casino. 
We've only been there once before but, I like going there because it feels like we are on vacation. 
They have a waterfall inside that place! 
I don't like the hall with all the actual Casino rooms. 
Icky...and smoky...and stinky.
The the Restaurant and waterfall lobby are smoke free zones. 
Well, as best can be, with smoking areas in the same building. 
They have a yummy buffet and Nathan gets a discount with his work badge!
AND kids eat free!!!

I didn't get any pictures there because we were in a hurry. 
Ok, and I left the camera in the car...because we were in a hurry!

After that we headed down to Pickford for there Arts Show...that was to end at 4:00.
That's why we had to hurry. 
 About a month ago our little town had an Arts and Crafts Show and it was....
Most of the tables were people selling products, 
like handbags, they hadn't made, skin care products, they hadn't made, tupperware!!!
That sort of thing.

So we were a little hesitant to drive the 7-10 -ish miles down to Pickford for their Arts Show. 
It DID NOT disappoint!  
It was...
Everything I had wished our arts and crafts show would have been.  
I should have known because Pickford is an adorable town.
They have a really cute library there, that we can actually check books out at, by using our Soo Library card.

I didn't take pictures there because I didn't want anyone to think I was trying to steal their ideas and make my own crafts...but, I should have at least got a picture of Marley looking at stuff. 
There was a lot of really cute wooden snowmen with lights on them! 
Next time I'll take the camera in and snap a shot of the girls looking around. 

On the way home....

When we got home....
we got our groove on. 
Nathan WILL NOT let me post the video I secretly took of him while I was nursing. 
He did a twirl in his dance and saw me video-ing and was like, "NO! NO! NO!" 
But, if he ever dies before me, I'm posting it!
He just said, "That just gives me motivation to hang on longer! You're goin' first!"

These games are SO fun! 
Both videos are kinda long. You can just watch a few seconds and get the idea of how AWESOME!
or SILLY we look.

I don't think you're ready for this jelly.
Seriously, just watch a few seconds. ;-)

Then we made homemade cider....
well, we took a bottle of apple juice from the store and made it into cider. 
We got a tin percolatorinator pot from my parents, for Christmas last year. 
It's probably for camping...but we use it on our stove.
In the basket at the top we put cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, orange zest and some allspice berries!



 So perfect for such a cold and rainy day.
Above is me running to the car. ;-)

The End.


The Yuan Fam said...

I watched way more than a few seconds. LOVE IT!!! Those dance games are so fun. There's a commercial going around right now that I get a kick out every time I see it...some Kinect one. Any-who, super fun post!!

Kathy said...

You guys are awesome! That is so fun. And I'm going to admit that I actually clicked the percolatorinator link and looked for it on the page! :-p

Amber and Lincoln said...

Those videos were so great made me miss our youth dances!

Julie J. said...

I watched every second of both videos and laughed the whole time. We rented one of these games for Sam about a month ago and I never had time to try it. We'll just have to rent it again, because it looks fun.

Natasha and Jesse said...

How fun!
Our mission is getting a bunch of new missionaries too (I think from 160 to 250) and the majority of our new ones will be sisters too! Most wards will probably have two sets, but we already have two (one Spanish and one English) so we might not get another, but it would be great if we did!