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Monday, November 5, 2012

Yummy Salmon Chowder

Here's a yummy recipe for Salmon Chowder!
I follow the recipe exactly....except I half the butter and the salmon. 
This baby calls for 32 ounces of salmon!
I just get 2-3 of the 5 oz. cans and it is so yummy with less than half to half of the salmon. 

It's a little bit more chopping and peeling than I normally like to do, for one meal. 
But, on cold days...any good soup is going to have some peeling and chopping.

There was a 10 for $10 deal on Pillsbury biscuits just before conference!
We are down to 2 packs of biscuits after tonight's dinner. 

Mmmmm......Salmon Chowder with biscuits!
 Before I added the milk, salmon, cream corn and cheese I spooned some out for Isi.
Basically it was onion, celery, carrot and potato in chicken broth.
Mashed it all up with a fork.

Marley loved the oatmeal baby cereal. 

Isi likes NOTHING baby food.
She likes our food.
 In other news. 
This is Jammy Dress.
 Jammy dress is a Gap jersey 2T dress. 
It was given to us when Marley was about 1 year old.
We tried it on her...a little big. 
She wore it to church once and then I decided it looked like Jammies. 

And Jammy Dress was born. 

She has been wearing it as jammies on a regular basis ever since. 
As you could see above, it's getting short. 
So, Marley wears Monkey Jammies with Jammy dress. 
 I am planting seeds with Marley.
Every time she wears it, I tell her that soon we will have to put Jammy dress away.
I point out the tattered edges and splitting seems.
Marley gives me big puppy dog brown eyes. 
(I should take a picture of those and show you. They are killer!)

I think that she'll agree if I tell her that we won't be saving it for Isi, 
but we'll put it in her memory box. 

And here's the picture Marley had to take since I took pictures of her. 
Ooooo....does it still look like my house is in shambles? 
Laundry day.


Shauna said...

Oh to have a laundry day. Everyday is laundry day at our house. I start my laundry, ie. Kirk, myself, and the babies on about Thursday and it's all done by Sat. morning. The boys' laundry day is Tuesday, Kalen does their laundry and his brother folds his own and puts away. Girls laundry day is Wednesday, which Gwyneth does and then Georgia folds her own and puts away. Laundry is just all the time.

On to the Salmon chowder...that looks awesome Becky. Will have to try. Thank you for that recipe. You have the sweetest family. I love the looks of your home, it looks real and lived in, that's what is most important.,, if you ask me. :) Love ya,

Shauna xoxoxoxo

Julie J. said...

That soup looks good.