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Life is great!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pizza Patch!

Yesterday Marley's class got to go on a field trip to the local pizza place.

Pizza Patch!
from google maps. very fuzzy-ish. forgot to take a picture of the outside.
Isi and I tagged a long...because we LOVE pizza!

Marley came home the other day and said "I am going to marry E when I get older! Because he is my best friend!" That's the kid behind her.

The girl on Marley's left is her girl best friend. That little girl loves me! Whenever I am around she hugs me SO much!
I love the red and white floor! So cute!

The hot oven!
The owner, showing the little ones around.

Everybody got a pepperoni to eat, but Marley doesn't like pepperoni (it's actually a speratic preference). 
So, Marley got a wawd of Mozzarella. 

Everybody needs a glove.

E, Marley's future husband put that huge glob of cheese on and when everyone was telling him to spread it around he just smashed it down with both hands. Then walked away. Funny!

Now for the pepperoni.
And notice they are using their gloved hand to hold the pepperonis and placing them on the pizza with the ungloved hand. Some parents kept saying, "Use your hand with the glove!" How if they have to hold and put! It was confusing but the kids did a great job. And they all had to wash their hands before they could go in the kitchen...so, it was probably ok.

I love these red sparkly chairs too!
The kids went in the kitchen in shifts and we were first so we colored while the other kids took a turn.
Ms. Cathy is passing out color pages.

Counter and kitchen behind Marzipan.
I am 95% sure Marley got the biggest piece!
AND the piece with ALL THAT CHEESE!

This is hilarious! 
Me: "Marley smile."
See that hand on Marley.....
Best Friend Sneek Attack!
C. proceeded to spin Marley around against her will. So so funny!
This boy LOVES Isi.
Back on the bus with one of her teachers, Ms. Leslie. 
That pizza was SO good!


The Yuan Fam said...

Would you go back as a family and have dinner? Great pictures!

Julie J. said...

What a fun trip. It that the little girl who had nipples on her face?

Becky said...

Amy - we had been there once before, with my Dad when he helped us move in. It was good! I do not know why we haven't been back. YES, we will go back as a family. It was SO good this time too and they were SO generous to have 16, three and four year olds make pizza in their kitchen. They also had the morning class earlier in the day...so they are AWESOME!

Julie - That IS the little girl that had the nipples (warts) on her nose and chin for halloween. I bet she was a cute witch!

Shauna said...

Pizza Patch, what a cute name for a P. Parlor. Looks like a fun time and they are generous to have all those "big" kids there making pizza. Love,

Shauna xoxoxxo