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Saturday, November 3, 2012

My house is in shambles....

I shouldn't be blogging about a perfectly messy house when there are people on the east coast with water logged homes and homes that seem to have blown away or homes that were batted like a baseball with an uprooted tree(s). 

But, here I go anyway.

Total shambles. 
Yes that is my little pony on the TV.
Yes that is my little baby in the middle of all this mess.

There are definite problem areas in my house. 

One problem area is the bookshelf right there between the entry way and the kitchen entrance. 
I LOVE that bookself there...when the top is clean and there is nothing dumped right in front of it.

Can you see that my church bag (brown with polka dots), the diaper bag, a reusable grocery bag (bright green), and Nathan's backpack are all right there?  
And the stack of mail that was on top of the bookcase has fallen off and is jumbled on top and all around the bags.

Yes, this is our dumping ground. 
Each of these things have a place to go in our coat closet but we never put them away when we first walk in the door. I don't know why!
And then, as evidence of my church bag...they sit there for days.

Another problem area is in the kitchen. 
After we go grocery shopping, all the cans wait on the kitchen floor until I have time and the desire to rotate the cans. So, the cans sit on the floor, spreading ever closer to taking up the whole kitchen floor.

Until October 23, I had had enough.
I got online just to dream of having some self rotating shelving and ended up impulse buying the Harvest 72" Food Rotation System from Shelf Reliance. 

It's weird because I NEVER impulse buy anything but smaller grocery items.
I NEVER purchase anything over $20-$30 without discussing it with Nathan, in depth.

But, guess what!
They had one in there Scratch and Dent Discount category!
For 57% OFF!

It boasts storage for 406 cans! 

We did text back and forth about it...so I DID NOT purchase this without Nathan knowing.

And well, it came in the mail yesterday. 
(hence the HUGE shelf reliance box blocking our entry. AKA Marley's hot tub!)

And well, that put our house in shambles. 

 The scratch and dent section said that it could be scratched it could have slight dents but nothing that would compromise it functioning properly or its sturdiness. 
It also said that the parts could be all different colors. 

NOTHING is wrong with this unit.

Well, there was one cross bar that had a SLIGHTLY bent corner and Nathan got some pliers and easily fixed that. 
Oh, and the SHELfReliance sign on the front top is scratched and smudged.
 So, today we are working on getting our house put back together. 


You know Saturday is a special day, it's the day we get ready for Sunday.

SO, we are getting ready for Sunday too.

I HAVE to make some nursery visual aids and singing time props because those little ones are eating me ALIVE.

Oh yea, Nathan is changing our front brakes.
 But, there will probably be a post about car whoa's sometime this month...so I won't expound.

Just know that if you want to do something with us today....

We can't.

PS - I'll be doing a house follow up...shambles resolved. 


Julie J. said...


Shauna said...

Becky that is awesome, way to find a good find!!!! Those shelves are great, I have all kinds of friends that have them. Me? I don't have this kind of food storage. My food storage is the big #10 cans of fodd that will last for twenty or more years. I buy some canned food from Costco like tuna, chicken, sometimes mandarin oranges and that's about it. So I do have some canned goods in food storage.

Good for you. Your husband looks like mine, he always does our breaks, accept he doesn't have this get up!! My husband needs an outfit like this, it could also be a Halloween costume. Do you see how efficient I am, did you guys think of that? Okay I"m cracking myself up, it's time to go.

No one more thing. The counter next to our sliding glass door is the dumping ground. I am constantly saying to the family...I have a goal family, "and they chime in, "we knooooow, it's to keep our stuff off the counter." "Well if you know then why don't you do it for Pete's sake." We are all living parallel lives aren't we?

Cute post,

Shauna xoxxoxoxo

Shauna said...

I used the wrong accept, it should have been except....just had to point that out. :)

Kathy said...

OH - what is it about us creatures of habit that we can't put things in the places we've told ourselves we're going to put them? I love your new storage shelves. They will be great to use!

Melissa Bond Davis said...

The first picture is exactly what our place looks like all the time, too. Baby in front of My Little Pony included! What a great find!

The Yuan Fam said...

I can't wait to have my own space again so I can kind of impulsively buy something, assemble it, and then resolve my house shambles. I'm jealous that you have such fun things to talk about on your blog.

Meghan said...

That shelving is amazing! I want one. What a great find!!

KordelandHeather said...

So incredibly jealous of your shelves! It takes me forever to rotate cans after a case lot sale. I didn't know you were nursery leader! Fun! I've been spending some time in nursery lately with Elise just starting up and can I tell you, these ladies have it down to a science! Guess what they use instead of napkins because they're cheaper...Coffee filters! They are the perfect bowl for the kids and their snacks. Who knew! And what a fun receipt to turn in to get reimbursed. Can I tell you, I'm too embarrassed to ever show a pic of my house and the clutter collection on my counter! You are so good to keep up with the blogging! Love you Becky!