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Life is great!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I hope you all have had a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

We did!

We relaxed all morning.
Taking our time to wake up and get ready. 
  We had cereal and toast for breakfast. 
You gotta have something. 

We left the house around 11-ish.
We drove over the river and through the woods to....
the Soo.
Went straight to the greenhouse Nathan and his co-workers recently finished building.

Nathan wanted pieces from some old pallets that were there.
We just hung out and watched while he hammered some pallets apart.
He won't tell me what he wants the wood for....ooooo....it's a mystery!

The weather was SO nice!
Probably around 58? Maybe?
A little soft wind.
The sun was shinning so we were plenty warm. 

We let Marley take pictures with our nice camera. 
She was very careful.
It made me happy because I would love for her to fall in love with photography...then we could learn EVERYTHING together! ;-)  

Then I took over for a bit, with the camera. 

Then she took over again...seriously, she took hundreds of pictures!
 Above is me, being Momma Bear, "Quit opening the car doors, you're going to wake up Izzile-bizzle!"

 She got some cool angles. 
And a TON of shots of my butt. 
I thought I got them all deleted before I downloaded but I didn't and had to delete a ton more!

Soon Isi did wake up and she joined the party!

Then me tooky some pictures-ay!

You get the idea. 
We took turns, taking a lot of pictures. 

Then around 1:30 we went out for Thanksgiving Linner!
 Yea, I know, some of you thought we were going to try to make our own Prime Rib. 
We chickened out. 
But, maybe for Christmas? 
Or Nathan's birthday? 
We'll see. 
But, we really enjoyed the buffet at Studebaker's. 

Then we went to the Algonquin Trail and "hiked" around for a couple of miles.
But, I'm going to make that a different post because let's face it....this post has enough pictures already.
And Marley & I took turns being the photographer on the hike....lots of pictures.
I still got 8 days of this blogging everyday business to do! 

Hope you had a great one!
We love you all!


Shauna said...

Becky, Becky, Happy Thanksgiving dear. I love this post. I love the pictures. And I am so excited because I'm thinking your husband has some awesome wood project in mind for you? What can it be?

You have a hero for a husband that's awesome. He's a good man. Take great care,

Shauna xoxxo

Julie J. said...

I love the pictures of you and Isi sitting on the pallet. So cute. And Marzipan has some serious talent.