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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Adobe Photoshop...Wherefore Art Thou Adobe Photoshop?

Hey, we're in the market to buy Adobe Photoshop.
We think we know which one we are going to get and where to buy it, but I'm wondering...
Do you have Adobe Photoshop?
What version? Creative Suite 4 (or lesser)? Or might you have Elements 8 (or lesser)?
Do you love it?
Was/Is it hard to learn on your own?
Can you do everything you ever wanted with it, when it comes to photo manipulation?
Fill me in on any other information you think I might want or need when it comes to making a wise purchase.
One more inquirey:
How do you organize your photos on your computer?
How often do you download photos from your camera to your computer?
How often do you back up your photos onto CD's or other storage devices?
Fill me in on any other information you think I might want or need when it comes to downloading, uploading, storing, backing up photos.


Sarah said...

We have cs4. I like it... Although I have no idea how to use half of it. We also have lightroom- an I LOVE lightroom!!
We take all our pics in raw and then save them off lightroom as jpeg. It's great!

Ben and Heather Ashby said...

we have cs4 and I am loving it, but definitely still learning how to use it, which i feel like is going to be a LONG process. I really wonder if i couldn't have done equally as much by using elements, which I hear great things about. There are a lot of step by step tutorials for photoshop on the adobe website, which has helped me a ton!

Shantell said...

I use CS3 which I LOVE!!! But I use mine for mostly scrapbooking. So I don't know much about manipulating photos. Although I'd love to learn more. One day I hope to take a photo editing class. I've heard great things about elements too. I guess it comes down to what you want to do with your program.

Adam and Sarah said...

I have elements 5. I do know a few tricks, but it's definitely a complicated program and even the "help" isn't a ton of help most of the time. But it's fun to have and I've done some cool stuff with it. I've heard great stuff about CS3, so if I were to buy a photoshop program (I didn't buy mine, my friend let me borrow hers to put on my computer), I would go for CS3.