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Life is great!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Where have you been?

Might I Answer a Question With a Question?

Where Have YOU Been?

So what! I took a blogging hiatus.


None of your business! Sheesh! People are so nosy these days.

Actually, there is no real reason I can pinpoint...that's why I'm so defensive.

Gosh! People are so defensive these days.

But, for my huge and I mean HUGE blog fan club, I'm going to blog everyday in the month of April. And this ain't NO April Fool's day joke either.

So, buckle up! I'm thinking/hoping/praying this will be an eventful month for the Freitas Farm.

Let's get started!

Do you know any April Fools? That's what I like to call people who were born on April 1st. They all think it's hilarious...of course.

Ok, so really, the only person I can think of, born on April 1, is my sis-in-law Kim. I feel very comfortable calling her an April Fool because she ain't no fool!

Kimo, we love you and miss you and your clan! Happy Birfday!!!!

I stoled this picture from their blog. That Halle peanut is probably walking...or just about ready to!


Julie J. said...

You are funny. And I will be looking forward to you post everyday!

Meghan said...

Funny girl! I'm looking forward to your posts :)

Sandy said...

Your grandmother Vearl was born on April 1.