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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Graduate School

It's true, I didn't post yesterday. I only mention it for those keeping track (probably no one).
I have a really good excuse though....Nathan's final project and paper where due yesterday.

This is a really good illustration of how Nathan has looked and felt recently.
You can find this image too! Here!

I was helping him edit, proof-read and make revisions yesterday. Actually, I have been doing that for the past two weeks! I'm so glad that paper is in! It's a HUGE load off my back...HA HA HA!! Okay, so maybe it's really a HUGE load off of Nathan's back.

In February I blogged about how crazy his oral exams were and now with this last project and paper turned in AND already graded! He is one more giant step closer to graduating!

Last thing to accomplish: pass his classes...NO PROBLEM!

Nathan has his own office cubicle in Hardin Hall on the UNL East campus. He will miss that little home away from home! (probably not!) Anyway, one of his office mates put this comic up and we liked it! Nathan could relate to most of it.
You can find this comic too! Here!

He bought his cap, gown and hood yesterday!

He tried it on and he looks SO good!

We have loved our time in graduate school!

We are SO excited that it is almost over!

He will continue The Worst job in the world:

Job Hunting!


Sean & Brittani said...

That is so awesome! Go Nathan! Go you too! And goodluck with the job hunting.

The Hungry said...

Yes - Go Nathan!!

The Hungry said...

Oh yeah - and I noticed but I think your reason for not blogging is a very, very good one.

Love to you all!

Natasha said...

Yay, way to go, Nathan!!

The Wells said...

Yeah for finishing!! (Liz was here)