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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More about the calendar....

Since two out the three people that commented want to know where I got the Amy Knapp's Family Organizer here you go....

The first year I found it at Walmart, but since then I haven't been able to find it there. The past two years I have purchased it at Calendar Corner in the mall. It is a seasonal store only open through part of the fall and the first part of January.

You can order it on Amy's website and right now it looks like it's only $5.oo but then you gotta pay shipping. Still that's less than the full price calendar.

The site suggests "Want to save shipping? Check your local Barnes and Noble, Borders or Books A Million. Call ahead and have them search by ISBN number 1932751297. My goal is to save you money, whenever I can." Awesome!

I also saw on her website that she has different versions of the calendar: "Expecting Family Organizer" for families expecting a child, and a "Christian Family Organizer." COOL!

They also offer each version in spiral bound, which is what I always get, but if you have a planner you can also get it with 7 hole punches.

One funny thing, you can get a frosted cover...it's the same tacky cover just less abrasive, I guess.

The only other complaint I have, besides that tacky cover, is that it starts in July and goes through the December of the following year. So, it covers 18 months, which is nice. I just wish it started in January and went through July of the following year. I like to buy a fresh calendar in January...not July. Oh, well.

I hope you find it and find it useful. And if you decide to recover it with your favorite scrap booking paper...I WANT TO SEE!!!


The Hungry said...

That is a very cool calendar - I would have loved something like that back in the day. My life is so open now I just need "A Year at a Glance"
I did use to use a day runner though - years and years.
I think this gal keeps producing the same cover because it's advertisement for her. But I love what you did to yours - very cute. So, how do you get all that stuff to stay on and not get caught on things?

Becky said...

I carefully covered it in clear boxing tape.

Natasha said...

Ok, this might be a dumb question but what do you do from January to July when the new calendar comes out? (Since her calendars end at the end of December but don't start again until July?)