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Sunday, April 4, 2010

I LOVE General Conference!

Who doesn't?

My favorite session is usually the first session on Saturday and this Conference did not disappoint. I've always thought the Saturday sessions are the best because I was thirsty for the spiritual feast of inspiration and upliftment; however, I like to believe that those sessions are the best just to reward those taking the time to watch on Saturday.

They were ALL good but here are the talks I can't wait to read:

Sister Beck - Saturday morning (Good for improving my personal eternal perspective)
Elder Ballard - Saturday morning (Good for improving my parenting skills)

Elder Oaks - Saturday afternoon (Another good one for improving my parenting skills)
Elder Bednar - Saturday afternoon (Another " " 3 components for teaching as parents; reading, sharing, inviting)

Elder Scott - Sunday morning (the rhythm of his speech lulls me to slumber - When he starts I'm automatically put in a state of half wake - half sleep- but mostly sleep. I met him on my mission...it was a very special experience and no I didn't not fall asleep that time.)
President Monson - Sunday morning - "A Hopeless Dawn" piece of art. NEVER! - Jason

Elder Foster - Sunday afternoon ("How do you know?" "Mother told me." He talked about herding cattle in Montana! "Distractions do not have to be evil to be effective."
Elder Martino - Sunday afternoon (Determination and eternal perspective throughout our trials. 5 things we can learn from the last hours of Christ's life. I only got 3 of the 5. We have a built-in distraction in our home.)
Elder Schwitzer - Sunday afternoon (Promise: "When we face difficult decisions we may know how to judge.")

Saturday between sessions we went bike riding and Geo caching. This messed up Marley's nap schedule. Well, we don't really have a "schedule" but she didn't end up falling asleep for a "nap" until 6pm and 7pm is her bedtime.

After the second session Nathan had a nice talk with his family in Utah. Well, his mom, dad and sister Jill.

Conference and that call made me miss Utah. (sniff) It's been almost 8 months! (sniff, sniff)

After Nathan went to the Priesthood session, I gently woke Marley up. She and I squatted on the kitchen floor and broke Manchuran noodles into smaller squares to boil and eat. She loves to help make noodles.

As she ate her noodles we had a little Easter lesson. During part of the story, I told her that Jesus died and that it was sad. She got a sad face and said, "oh, sad!" Then I told her that it was ok, because there is happy news! He was resurrected so he lives! Because He Lives we will all live again. I invited her to say resurrection and she tried.

After noodles she helped me clean the living room and kitchen. When she saw the picture of Jesus in our living room she would say "oh sad! oh sad! oh sad!" I kept trying to tell her it was happy in the end.

I also told Marley about the Easter Bunny. I couldn't explain what the Easter bunny had to do with the resurrection of Jesus Christ but, she didn't ask...still too young...but, one day she will and I will still have no idea what to say.

Easter morning Marley was so excited to look for her Easter basket. That was a tradition in my home...the Easter bunny would hide our baskets. We hid hers behind the TV, which is where she likes to hide it. She ate half a basket of candy...which was precisely 6 Mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. She ate the last 6 during the first session.

We learned our lesson regarding a "nap" though and Sunday Marley was put down promptly after the first session and slept through most of the second session.

I took a nap too. During the 2 hour break between sessions. I love naps.

We had a great time smashing faces and making fish lips. Coloring in coloring books. Eating candy...and popcorn. We were served sips of water in the wide half of an Easter egg. Marley would stand in front of us with her hands on her hips and say, "tursty? okay! sure!" then she would walk away, shake some drops of water from her sippy cup into the egg half. Then she would hand it over to us. We'd swig it like a shot of Margarita or whatever and then it would start all over again. Hands on her hips, "tursty? okay! sure!" Nathan didn't want to "drink" the drops of water so he non-shalantly made the "shot glass" miss his mouth and face and threw the drops of water into my face. He was promptly sent to his room, by Marley. "No! No! GO to ROOM!" Nathan was obedient.

Marley has started saying, "I have question. No? Okay." She has the funniest voice! We love it!

Well, that's about it for our Conference experience. We hope you enjoyed yours too!


Corn Husker said...

Wow - sounds like Marley is saying some pretty hilarious things. She is so adorable. I'm glad you enjoyed Conference very much. My favorite talk was Elder Uchtdorf's on Sunday morning.

The Hungry said...

I asked the kids what their favorites were and Evan said "I liked that one" and that's all he said and then Claire said "Oh yeah..." and that's all she said. Then Eric said he liked Elder Uchtdorf's talk on Patience from the Priesthood session and Evan said "that one was too long"

We love conference too!

So excited to have you blogging this month!

Lara said...

Hey Becky,
I can't believe you are all the way in Nebraska. My daughter and I were baptized on March 28th. This was my first General Conference. You are right about Elder Scott. I literally fell asleep and missed President Monson's speech. Luckily I recorded it! I will have to watch President Monson soon!