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Life is great!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My favorite commercial....at least right now.

I was watchin' my "shows" tonight while Nathan was at a 3 hour meeting!?!? And I kept seeing this commercial. Actually, I kept seeing a shorter version but this one will do. I love the upbeat message, interactive yet separate scenes of people doing different things and sometimes the same thing. I love how the different scenes interact by passing cards. I love the plants and then the plants all get arranged into a sphere. I just really like everything about this commercial.

I love the catchy, happy music, which I found out is the Blackeyed Peas. I like that group's music more and more everyday. (The Love, Boom Boom Pow, and OF COURSE Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night). Is that weird?

So, here's the video, finally! Enjoy!

Happy! Right?

Here's another commercial link to show you more about the project.

My favorite part of the song is, "Let's catch amnesia forget about all that evil that they feed ya. Remember that we are one people."

Me and Nathan both came up with great ideas to submit but we are too afraid we are disqualified since we are immediate kin to a Pepsi employee. His padre.

Too bad. We could have been rich!

And I promise we are not getting a Pepsi kick back for posting about their earth saving campaign. I totally WISH!

And for those of you who think Pepsi is gross (cough-Lili!) and think Coke is the sweet nectar of perfection, I just want you to remember... "Every Pepsi Refreshes the World."

"One Tribe Ya'll"


Dr. Wade Pilling said...

great commercial, and i love the B.E.Ps too. plus i think pepsi is better than coke (if we're considering a world where dr. pepper doesn't exist;) ).

pillingfamily said...

oops. that last comment was from me, elizabeth. wade's wife. i'm too dumb to know how to change the user on this thing.

Anonymous said...

That would be so fun to be a part of...making a commercial like that. COOL!!

Lilianne said...

I can't believe I got a shout out on your blog! I'm loving all of these birthday posts. Marley is just the cutest pea on the planet and I love her sass! (Especially her diva/glasses pics!) So cute. Happy birthday, little lady! AND as far as Pepsi goes, I like Cherry Pepsi okay. Does that count? :-)