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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oooo!!! The Fun!

Since my sister Julie's birthday (March 30) Marley has had "boitday!" on the mind and the tongue. So naturally, we counted down to Marley's birthday.

"Mommee! Focus! Boitday!"
Seriously, since I took so many pictures on Marley's birthday I have decided to post about her birthday all week! HA! I just want you to feel like you were with us all day.

I’m pretty sure Marley was awake and playing by 7am. But, it was Saturday so we tried to sleep in until at least 8am.

When we stared to hear, "Momee? Momee? Momee?" we opened the door and sang Happy Birthday! The whole time she kept trying to look around me...maybe she thought there was going to be some amazing gift for her...hidden...behind me. But, no.

Nathan went to help with the Stake Young Men basket ball tournament. 9am – 2pm.

Marley got to watch Vegetales: Very Silly Songs! And Vegetales: The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown. It’s a double feature. This is the first DVD we bought for Marley and because it was the first and she has had it the longest, it’s her favorite. She also watched Brainy Baby which is basically an alphabet DVD. She loves that one too.
Mmmm. Toast and Vegetales!

(Don’t judge me for letting Marley watch DVD’s while I got ready, wrapped presents, made head bands and bows, finished the cake and cleaned the house.) Moving on….

Once our make-up was done and our toast was eaten we headed off to check the mail. I know that mail doesn't come THAT early on Saturday, but it's one of Marley's favorite things to do. Do we did. Once the mail was checked we headed over to the apartment office. Nathan accidently took both the key to our garage and the garage opener. The nice man at the office let us borrow the spare. (Why did we have to get into the garage?)
After our office trek we passed the playground on the way to the garage, so of course we had to stop and play for awhile. She loves her playground!

She drives the boat.Then turns east to slide.

"Free! Nine! GO!"




Climb up.

Drive the boat.

Turn east.

You get the idea.

And she loves her yeller "Horsee!"


My Everythings said...

HAPPY BIRFDAY CUTIE PIE! Love the sunglasses.

Michelle said...

Beautiful pictures!! Despite all the cute pics of Marley I have to admit I think my favorite line of this post is "moving on" (and the preceeding sentence) :)

Alissa said...

WHAT CUTIE PA-TUTIE! Love the headband and glasses! Can't wait for the rest of the birthday posts!

Natasha said...

I love her little dress and sunglasses and headband. And your red toenails. Are those baby Doc Marten's that she is wearing? So cute.

The Hungry said...

Happy Birthday!!! Love the sunglasses. I'm amazed she keeps them on.
"Free! Nine! GO!" Time to get her a Brainy Baby Numbers DVD. Just kidding ;-) All so cute. Thanks for sharing with us. I can't wait to see the rest of the day.

Julie J. said...

She looks so hilarious and grown up. Do you think she remembers us?