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Monday, April 19, 2010

My Turn To Be Creative (Part 4 - Recovered My Calendar Book)

HA! I didn't blog yesterday! APRIL FOOL!!!!
(Haven't you heard, April 18 is the new April Fool's Day?)


Remember the series I started back in December called,
"My Turn To Be Creative."
Well, here is our next installment.

For the past three years I have purchased the same calendar book:
Amy Knapp's Family Organizer.
I really like it because it has every section you could possibly want in one book.
Month at a glance, Week at a glance, a Menu section, a Shopping List section, and a To Do List section. There is even room for post-it notes!
I love post-it notes!
Convenient Right?

The only problem.
They never change what this calendar looks like.
(maybe it's to keep the calendar's price low? $14.99)
Same ugly cover every year.
Same fonts and colors inside.

I seriously considered buying a different calendar just for variety, but couldn't because all of that awesome stuff wasn't included in any other calendar book I could find.

There are some seriously beautiful calendars out there...this cover is hideous...especially after looking at it for 3 years!
I'm already sold on it, so I don't need the instructions on the back either.
Maybe if the front and back covers were removable and underneath was a beautiful cover...
THAT would be awesome!
This is what I look like when I'm trying to be creative.
That's my favorite battery.
(I have no idea why I'm holding a battery?)

I decided to buy the calendar book I know and love and....

Recover it!

This is the cover now...well, for some reason I didn't take a picture of the FINAL. But, the only difference is I added a picture of us at the Omaha zoo looking like a family of gorillas.

Beautiful right?
Here is the back!
(I also waited until after Jan. 1 and got the calender at half price!)

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My Everythings said...

that first cover couldn't be less aesthetically pleasing. I mean seriously people, but your new cover rocks! i need that exact calendar. where did you buy it?

Christina said...

It made my whole day to see that on January 19 we hung out. We haven't done that in far too long. Seriously, I miss you!

Natasha said...

Wow, very creative! Where did you buy the calendar?