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Life is great!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Z'z inztead of S's.

Zometime, early lazt year, my cell phone dived into a cup of water. It gyrated to let me know it waz drowning. After giving it life zaving manuverz it zurvived with one problem. The 2 doezn't rezponded all the time. I have to forcefully puzh it a few timez before 2 decidez the party iz cool. And zince I have a flip phone that openz two wayz - one way to make callz (number pad) and the other to text (key board) the "s" alzo doezn't zhow up when first requezted.

Zo, I have rezorted to texting with "z" inztead. It iz unfortuanately making me have to really think when I type on my actually key board. Zometimez I ztill uze the "z" when I don't have to.

I'm juzt thankful that waz the only zide effect to the drowning.

Zo if you are wondering why I am uzing "z" zo much...now you know.

I'm juzt trying to ztart a new cool fad!!!

One time zomeone I waz texting azked me why I waz texing in a Ruzzian accent! HA HA!!! Awezome!


Sconierson said...

That is funny. I think that you should seriously consider talking like that to.

Julie J. said...

That iz zo zmart. You zhould read Ella Minnow Pea. We juzt read it in book club, it'z a quick read and I think you would like it.

The Hungry said...

I was thinking "Russian" too. Funny.

My Everythings said...

HAHAHAHA. or should I say zazazaza!