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Monday, April 5, 2010

Let's Pretend....

That I didn't wake up at 3am in a cold sweat and realize I had forgotten to post for April 5th. Maybe you never would have noticed since I got up 30 minutes later to write this post; and that I'm changing the post date from April 6 to April 5? Is pretending so bad?

As an adult, do you ever pretend? I do. All the time. I don't want you to think that my life is bad so, I pretend like it's better. Maybe it's a habit from when I was a child? Maybe it's a habit from when I was single until I was 27? Nonetheless, I pretend.

I used to fall asleep pretending I was married. I would hold my own hands and pretend that one of my hands was my husband's hand. I would fall asleep in wedded bliss. Maybe that sounds sad and pathetic to you, but to me, it was fun.

And rest assured that I don't have to pretend to fall asleep in wedded bliss anymore. It's an awesome reality.

One year at Girl's Camp we were on a hike when I saw some tropical looking plants along our path. I thought this was strange, considering we were in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Those plants hurled me into a tropical oasis and I pretended I was in Hawaii on an awesome backpacking adventure. I hiked more sure and with my eyes more wide. What else would I see during my amazing island experience?

I turned 25 toward the end of 2005 and before I turned a quarter century I went to Hawaii for an incredible 3 week island adventure. I stayed with amazing friends. Played with my freaking awesome cousin. And made a pretended scenario in my head - a reality. We didn't hike with backpacks, but we did hike.

And it was more beautiful than I had ever pretended.

Every job I've had (except for my very first - McWhorter's a whole lot more than at Stationary store! Especially in my head.) I have sat in front of a computer all day. How mundane can that get? We probably all know that reality. However, since my very first computer job at IBM in San Jose I have pretended. There were many a time that I would pretend that my job was WAY more important than it really was...like working for the FBI, CIA, or something of that sort.

I would pretend that the task I was given was super important and that it needed to be done quickly and quietly - like a spy. Luis Martinez hated that I did everything he gave me, so quickly. He started to give me tasks and at the same time tell me, "TAKE YOU'RE TIME! I don't want to see this back in 5 minutes!" Then he started telling me he didn't want this task back for a least a week! That killed me! But, only until I realized I could still do it quickly and then just hold unto it for a week. That was still not very exciting or fulfilling.

Now I have the most exciting and fulfilling job! Lucky (blessed) me!

Sometimes I still pretended like I am a spy. Especially when it comes to - time on the computer. That time is usually, in reality, limited and I really do need to do it quickly and quietly. HA! Once again! A spy! In my head - "I must download these sensitive photos and reformat this memory card before the enemy returns and realizes what I have done! QUICKLY!"

Day to day I pretend that I am more confident than I am. So, maybe by now I'm more confident than I think?

I have posted about pretending my family is coming to visit (see last Thanksgiving's post), as motivation to clean the house quickly and thoroughly.

Guess what! Some of my family ARE coming! In T-minus 31 days!

SO, in my mind, pretending is good! Most of the time, except in the case of me being a spy -
OR AM I A SPY!?!? - what I pretend becomes a reality.


eden said...

i think it's really funny that you woke up because you hadn't blogged. (:

and i did check yesterday... but i'll let you pretend. (:

Corn Husker said...

You absolutely make me laugh. A lot. Thanks for your hilarious post. I haven't pretended on my own for a very long time. I think I'll have to change that. Thanks for the ideas. Now I've got to go...I have some important spy materials to write...

Natasha said...

Apparently I'm a Russian spy and a communist. Or at least that's what a guy in my branch tells me all the time.

My Everythings said...

You are hilarious. I don't want you guys to move. :(

Katie said...

Wow, you make me laugh. Thank you for the hilarious blog. It made my day!

Natasha said...

Basically, I think he calls me a spy because he's crazy. And because of my name. And because he just wants to get me riled up about it.

I also thought I should let you know that I sometimes used to hold my own hands too. But then I stopped because it made me sad. I also used to ask myself on dates, but I got tired of me and stopped asking. Maybe I'M the one that's crazy!!