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Life is great!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Why did we have to get into the garage?

For a bike ride! Of course!

We packed up the Winnebago, strapped on our hats (that’s what Marley calls our helmets) and rode over to the dollar store to get Marley a “ba-oon.” She LOVES balloons! She is more into latex because of the movie UP, which we watch pretty often. But, the dollar store doesn't do latex, so she got her very first milar.

I took all these pictures of us...nice! Eh? Here she is with her cupcake balloon.
Upon returning from the dollar store, Marley was distressed that we were already home and did not want to be home yet. So, I grabbed some scrapbooking paper, water and a little snack and we headed up to Ben Franklin. We used the di-cut machine to make some tree trunks for a card I’m making for card night. Marley was a big helper and was very good in the store. Her reward was a tree trunk. Upon returning from Ben Franklin, Marley was ready to be home. There are a lot of bumps….and I think she had had enough of bumping around in the Winnebago.

At 1:17pm Marlayna turned 2!

We waited for Nate to get home. Even though he was fed lunch, he was kind enough to grill some brauts on the BBQ for me and Marley. He also took Marley back out to the playground with him.
They are such good friends. They could do ANYTHING together and they both looks happy, engaged and adventurous.

These pictures are taken from our family room window.

By the time we were done eating, Nathan was fast asleep on the couch. So, we decided to take a nap too. Marley in her bed and me in mine. It was nice. Have I ever mentioned that I love naps? So does Marley but only after she wakes up.

At 5pm we busted over to Chuck E. Cheese’s. This was a first for Marley. She LOVED it!


The Hungry said...

That is fun. And look at you with blue sky, short sleeves and flip flops on! Yeah Spring!

Sandy said...

I can't believe how much you look like Julie in these pictures.

Becky said...

Thanks mom! So, basically I'm lookin' GORGEOUS!

Sconierson said...

Happy Birthday Marley. Did you know that Marley and Emerson are 6 months and one day apart. I just realized that he turned 2 1/2 yesterday. They grow up so fast.

Wall Dector said...
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