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Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Turn To Be Creative (part 2 - I made cute Angel Ornaments)

I made cute Angel ornaments for my family for Christmas.
They are made out of corks, floral wire, ribbon and little wooden spools.
I really like them because they kinda look flustered. Not perfect.

I'll tell you how I came up with this and why we have wine corks when we don't drink wine.
My parents bought us an apartment warming gift when they helped us move to the mid-west.
We didn't have any salt and pepper shakers so they found some for us, at an antique shop, that are shaped like ears of corn.
They are so cute, but they're probably old and the corks that were in the bottom of them were old and deteriorating.
It seemed like we looked everywhere for corks, Walnast, Home Depot, um...ok that's it.
Nathan looked online and found corks for sale and they were around 10 to 50 cents each, but to make it worth the company's while, your order had to at least be $10.00. And we weren't sure what size we needed anyway so we ordered about two dozen.
Turned out the best ones that fit were actually black rubber corks.
So, we had all these corks and nothing to do with them.
Christmas ornaments.


Anonymous said...

Dude! How'd you get to be so creative?! I love the angels...I think I need to be a part of your family for this gift. ;-)

Becky said...

Sad news. I didn't have enough corks to make us one either. Otherwise I would totally send one your way. Maybe I'll have to send you something else I've made...or maybe I'll just have to make you something special.

The Hungry said...

Those are so cute! Is the body cork too? with paper wrapped on it? I love them, their little ribbon legs... very cute.

Sconierson said...

Love the ornaments. And yes you are very crafty. Love the idea.

Julie J. said...

Boo-Yeah! I got one, and it is precious! It looks amazing on my tree. I decided it looks best sitting on a branch of the tree, rather than hanging from a hook. Adorable!

The Hungry said...

I've looked closer - I can see that the bodies are corks too - right? with vine print on them?

Corn Husker said...

Very cute. I saw those sitting on your shelf a few weeks back but forgot to ask if you were making them. You, my friend, are amazing!