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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Our Christmas Present

For our 3rd anniversary (November 19) and for Christmas this year we got one gift.

A really nice camera.

Nikon D5000

We had been "shopping" and "looking" for over a year.
We found the sweetest deal and snagged it.

We got it November 25th from Rockbrook Camera, here in Lincoln.

We have been playing with it ever since.

It is so fun!
We wrapped up the box and I opened it Christmas morning, while Nathan took pictures with the camera!

I love the above picture, with Marley checking out what I'm opening and sucking in her cheeks.

Now I gotta get photoshop and figure out how to edit that double chin!
Stay tuned to get a glimpse of my first "Couple" photo shoot!


Meg said...


Julie J. said...

Those pictures don't look likee they were taken with an expensive camera... Maybe it's my junkie computer thats the problem. Happy picture taking.

Becky said...

Well, I'm glad you said something because I AGREE. It's my fault not the camera. I like to make the pictures LARGE but, I haven't figured out how to do it without making them look grainy. I upload the full high pixel picture but, I think blogger resizes it automatically, then I edit in HTML and change the size, thus making it look grainy. I gotta figure it out.

Julie J. said...

Wow! You already know way more about photography than I ever will. I didn't know size and pixel changing was an option... HTMLwhaty?

Julie J. said...

Actually, hows abouts you move back here right quick and we take one of them photo class thingys together. That would be an amazing experience and we could take pics of each other for practice and I would automatically get better grades than you because you are more photogenic than I am so you would be in all my pics and I would be in yours causing ugliness and the teacher would puke and you might flunk... maybe not such a hot idea.

Jeanna said...

I was with Julie, thinking the pics were super grainy for such a nice camera. Then I clicked on the pics to make them bigger and VOILA, they were better. Happy pic taking, sounds like fun!

The Hungry said...

Way nice!

Sarah said...

fun!! we both had the same wish list this year. my hubby got us the canon rebel t1i... with all these weird lenses... which i am not complaining.. only i have no idea how to use it and my husband is adimate about me not using the auto setting so after i opened it,he took it away and handed me this huge book and commanded me to read it! ha ha... oh well, at least my pictures look much better. happy picture taking! :)

Anonymous said...

Three words...I LOVE YOU!

Brian and chelsea said...

yay! I've been thinking about going SLR for awhile. It's a big investment.

Promise though, that in two weeks you won't start your own photography business and charge people - I see that so often!