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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fwappy Fwanksgwiving

The post title is supposed to throw you off from realizing that this is
a Thanksgiving post almost 2 weeks late. My Bad!
I spent ALL morning, on Thanksgiving, completely cleaning our apartment.
I was secretly hoping that my family, who had informed me they were spending their Thanksgiving in Moab and Arches, were secretly coming to L-town to spend it with us!
They never showed. But, they never said they were going to, so shame on me!
But, we had one DANG clean apartment!
Confession: I don't like turkey. Many of you already knew that, so it's not really a shocker.
But, for those of you who didn't know, there you have it.
For our first Thanksgiving, Nathan and I were on our honeymoon.
We ate at the Pioneer Lodge in Springdale, UT, just outside Zion's National Park.
We had one of the most lovely Prime Rib dinners there ever was.
We liked it so much we decided that whenever we are not around our family for Thanksgiving we will go out for Prime Rib.
Last year we didn't plan ahead so we ended up going to a gross place that is now out of business and didn't even have Prime Rib.
This year we planned ahead, by calling around to see who would be open, what their hours would be for Thanksgiving and if they would be serving Prime Rib.
It came down to only TWO places that would be open on Thanksgiving and only ONE would be serving Prime Rib. So, we made a reservation and enjoyed our Thanksgiving feast at Misty's!
I was hesitant to be excited about this place, because I once knew a girl named Misty and she smelled. Misty was actually a very sad situation of a little girl. I think our whole family felt sorry for her...and I think we still do, even though we haven't seen her for over 20 years.
I wonder what ever became of poor Misty.
Nonetheless, we made our reservation and we went!

And they had this beautiful crest carved into to wood in their waiting room.

Marley and I felt like the Queen and Princess that we are as we sat in that cute little waiting room. (check out her crossed legs)
And look at the booth!
Half Circle, candle lit, leather, booths!
They kept our drinks full!
I mean, after we took one drink our waitress would run over, pick up our cups and take them to the bar to be topped off.
I'm not exaggerating very much either.
And they served us bread on a little cutting board.
Nathan ordered the Prime Rib King's Cut. (this was it's name on the menu!)
Becky ordered the Prime Rib Queen's Cut. (this too was it's name on the menu!)
Marley ordered the child's spaghetti. (i know, anti-climatic)
My Queen's Cut came with soup and I ordered the Sea Food Bisque.
It was SO delicious!
Nathan's King Cut came with soup and he ordered French Onion.
They put the soup in the bowl, then a round piece of bread that sits on the top of the soup, right at the rim of the cup, and then they melt cheese over the top, which seals the cup closed.
French Onion soup sealed with melted cheese, Mmmmmmm.
It looked so good I made the King let me try it!
It was SO delicious!
Blurry but, you get the idea.
We forgot a bib for Marley so we tied a napkin around her neck, like a neckerchief.

They had this lovely decorative display.
Red and green grapes that lit up!
It was pretty.

And after the feast, Marley was swung by her parents.

There was a cold cold wind that day.

Misty's you were a pleasant surprise, though we will never dine with you again, because we just can't afford that royal treatment.

We didn't dare order our Thanksgiving pie there, for fear we'd brake the bank.
Luckily we knew that would be the case so we signed up for the Thanksgiving feast held at the church, JUST FOR THE PIE!!!
And they did not disappoint!
Pecan Pie, our favorite!
Here's the small but festive group.

It was a great and thankful day!
You are ALL invited to join us for homemade Prime Rib, next year!


Sandy said...

next time we are in L-town you will have to show us this place. I always love a good prime rib dinner. So does your dad. And is that hair I see on Marlayna's head?

Alissa said...

You looked super cute for your thanksgiving feast! I'm glad you enjoyed your experience at Misty's. It does have a nice ambiance. ps I totally knew that this was a thanksgiving post by your title...you didn't throw me but I totally appreciate the effort. :)

The Hungry said...

I like your Prime Rib tradition and its origins. Good for you guys to create fun memories for yourself like that.

The Hungry said...

Oh - I forgot - I wanted to ask about the Thanksgiving Feast - tell us how that works? Was it just for desserts?

Becky said...

Because there are so many student families in our ward, the activities committe helps organize a Thanksgiving Feast at the church. They send a potluck sign up sheet around during church.

It is not considered a ward activity so nobody had to feel obligated to attend, but they don't want anyone who is not close to family for Thanksgiving, to be lonely or not get a big feast. So, if you want to go to the church you can!

We didn't go last year, so we thought we ought to try it this year.

Since we were only there for the dessert and the socializing we should have signed up to bring a dessert, right? We signed up to bring two 2-liter bottles of POP! Hee hee!

PS - I LOVE green bean casserole so we had some of that too...oh and some rolls. OK, OK, we had a second feast!!! And dessert. It was fun and yummy!

Julie J. said...

You cleaned and waited for us to show up? That makes me so sad... Thank goodness for Misty's to treat you like a Queen after such a disappointment!

Anonymous said...

You are one hot momma!!! Misty's looks like fun. I wish we had a Prime Rib tradition.