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Life is great!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dashing Through The Snow....

Yesterday we had a fun day!
We got a package from Aunt Kim and Uncle Scott!
Marley liked playing in the box of snow turds, until...

She fell backwards in it and then her mom took a picture.
She was so mad!

First we went to Shopko, because as you know, I still needed to get Nathan some stocking stuff.
That was fun because I worked hard to shop and avoid running into Nathan and Marley.
Because I couldn't find anything besides more food to put in Nathan's stocking, we headed over to Walnast. On the way, Marley fell asleep. Nate stayed in the car with Marley and I went in and shopped and got us some yummy popcorn chicken from their deli.
(Notice we still have that cat. We've been thinking of going out to the country and dropping it off.)

Marley's cute little boots. We got them from cousin Kelsey. We LOVE hand me downs.

While Marley slept we ate, but we saved her plenty. We also drove over to Mahony Park.

It was a Winter Wonderland.

At the park we tried our hand at Geocaching.
Nathan got a hand held GPS unit from me for his birthday!
If you're a Geocacher the next few pictures are SPOILERS.
Here's the cache. Not what we were expecting but it was still cool and fun.

We didn't get to add our name to the list because we forgot a pen. We are still armatures....we're learning. The last time someone had found this cache was just December 3rd. Cool!

Marley liked it. She's a natural cachet.
On to try to find the next one, while I ran to get a pen from the car.

I couldn't find them when I returned. I thought they slipped into another dimension, like Narnia or somewhere. So, I took some pictures.

Can you see the fat squirrel?

I finally realized I needed to follow Nathan's foot prints in the snow. When I ran out of foot prints to follow at the road, a few seconds later they came rolling up in the Black Pearl.
We kept Marley in the car, warm and safe while we looked for the next cache.

I was skeptical that we would find it.

Then a tree near us lost a limb. It was near the top and it crashed down with a loud thud.

Nathan was under the left tree, looking. The limb that broke off was from the tree on the right...freaky!

Did you hear that?

Geocaching is SO fun!

We didn't find that cache. We decided we needed to try again another day. It was cold!
But not in the car.

Then we fed Marley sour starburst gummies to try and get a funny sour face. No such luck.
She loved to dust her hands of the sour sugar.

We headed to Sonic for some happy hour drinks. Tried to take a picture of Nate to document our trip and what did he do?

He thought he was SO funny!

We went and sorted the recycling. Do you recycle?
We were totally avoiding our apartment all day and we ran out of things to do...so, we went to the mall. Nathan was so good at talking me out of buying a lot of stuff. We bought NOTHING!
Finally, it got dark and we went to watch a Christmas Lights Show.

It was pretty cool!

Then we just drove around looking for lights.
I loved this tree. Mostly for the big ornaments.

This was a really cute backyard.

This was my favorite! So pretty!

Then we busted home.

This is our neighbors balcony. I think it's cute and everytime they have that blow up Santa blown up Marley loves to stair at it and say, "Sana! Sana! Sana!" One hundred times.
Our tree caked in ice.
It was a great day!!!!



The Hungry said...

Merry Christmas to you!! Love the story of your day - and the wintery pictures are so pretty!

Love you guys!

Emily said...

that last pic of marley is SO CUTE!!!

merry Christmas!

Julie J. said...

You are funny. I wish we could have gone geo cacheing with you . I've been trying to talk Matt into doing it for years.

Anna said...

HAHAHAHA! Oh man, your blog cracks me up. Walnast? Ha.

Anna said...

p.s. I feel I have to confess: Sophie is the one who took the mangy cat out of nursery. It's our fault your picked up that nasty stray. Oh well. Better you than me!

The Wells said...

I am so glad Marley is getting to wear those boots. They are a family heirloom dating all the way back to 1999 when Allynn wore them to West Yellowstone.

Whitney said...

I know it was a small side note on your wonderfully long and detailed post but.... In Clare's family the big joke is that her mom would take animals for a "ride" and somehow they didn't make the whole trip- somehow getting lost on the way. I guess she did that with all of the pets she got sick of. Sorry your comment about the cat reminded me! I loved your post. Your pictures were beautiful!!!

Sconierson said...

Love the pictures. You do a great job with them.