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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Here We Go! 31 days of blogging

Clickety-Clack-Clack Clickety-Clack-Clack

Is that Santa up on our roof? No! We don't have a roof! We have upstairs neighbors.

Well, now we do. Boooo!!!

Our last upstairs neighbors were loud, foul mouthed, smokers. Their balcony is right above our living room windows, so we couldn't open our window very often for fear of their ash dusting our apartment (which it did once!). Nasty!

They moved out October 31st! The angels sang!!! Or maybe it was just me, Nathan and Marley. Or maybe it was just me. So, the angel sang. There! (hee hee)

We went for one whole glorious month with no thumps, bangs, and whizzes (yes, sometimes you can hear people whizzing in the bathroom upstairs. Probably guys, so maybe it won't be a problem? Gross, I know.)

I saw them moving in yesterday. Two big burly men were hauling things up in makeshift boxes and laundry baskets. I hoped they weren't moving in above us (the apartment next door has been empty for months! Hallelujah!) but, as I peeked around the corner and up the stairs, sure enough the door to the apt above us was wide open. Noooooo!!!!

I thought I was stating the obvious when I asked the older of the burly men, as cheerfully as I possibly could, "Oh! You guys are moving in!?!" He hesitated and then said, "Well, I'm moving my daughter in." I said, "Oh! That's nice of you!" I wanted to be like, "what's that guy doing?" But I just I packed Marley into the car and was off to where ever I was going.

So, I wonder if she is single or married? Was the younger of the burly men her brother, husband, friend, boyfriend, live-in-boyfriend? I'm hoping it was her brother and he won't be living above us...I don't want to hear his big monster feet clomping around above me.

Although, as I sit here and compose this wonderful and inspiring post...I can hear her clomping around. Maybe it will settle down once she's all settled in. And I'm a pretty firm believer that if you live on the bottom floor, you should expect a little noise from above...the operative word is LITTLE. Anyway.

Now the question...Should I go meet her? Should I be a kindly neighbor? Should I show interest in my fellow man? After all - Tis the Season. Right?

BEFORE you answer. Let me tell you this. We live in a locked access apartment building, which means no "outsiders" can get in. So, people aren't exactly expecting an unexpected knock at the door....ok, I know, who is, but you know what I mean.

AND once I knocked on both our immediate neighbors doors. The one to the North of us opened the door, no kidding, 1/4 of an inch. Do I look THAT threatening?!?! And spoke to me through that TINY crack.

The other one didn't answer even though I could hear him in there playing his stupid video games. I'm REALLY mad at him though because another time, I knocked, and I KNEW he was home and he didn't answer. He just turned down his blaring music. And that time I had locked myself out of the apartment and Marley was inside taking a nap. I wanted to see if I could borrow his key to the outer doors just in case the office was closed. Didn't answer. TWICE he didn't answer! He bugs!

And then this other guy, who doesn't even live here hit on me! One day he asked me my name and I thought he was asking for Marley's name so, I said, "Marley." And then he put his hand out to shake my hand and I realized he was asking for MY name. I fixed the problem, he got my name and I got his. Then I asked, "You just live down there?" He hesitated and said, "Well, not exactly." I said, "Oh you're just visiting?" He looked relieved and said, "Yea!"

No big deal right?

Well, I think he is the baby-daddy of the girl that lives there.

No big deal right?

About a week after our totally awkward introduction, he says, "Can I axe you a question?" I was like, "Ummm, yea." He says, "Are you single?" I said, "No. I'm married." And he said, "DAMN! Well, I guess that's good...for you." Then we had to walk all the way down the hall in the same direction. AWKWARD!!!! He was in front of me and he was walking slow....so I had to walk SUPER slow!

Anyway, so, what do you think? Should I go meet her?

PS - Don't worry, this is a LONG post for me. Everyday will not be like this.


Julie J. said...

First of all, if you don't want to hear your neighbors you need to fork over the dough to live in a single family dwelling. That is not to say they have the right to let their visiting baby daddies hit on you as they wander the premesis. You should go up and introduce yourself...

The Hungry said...

Go meet her, or at least "run into her" outside and introduce yourself.

Anonymous said...

Oh dang!! I think I was giggling to myself the whole time I read that. I love it! 'axe' ha! Yes you should go and meet her. WWJD, Becky?