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Saturday, December 12, 2009

My puter pooted out on me.... :-(

So, last, we came home from our ward Christmas Party (which was so fun!) and Nate sits down to use my laptop and it won't turn on. I wanted to cry. Long story short, I'm the smartest woman alive!!! Okay, maybe that's too short.

Basically after troubleshooting, doing everything suggested on the Dell site and then chatting with a Dell support dude online, we find that I need a new mobo...that's mother board in computer nerd lingo. Nathan taught me.

Now for the reason why I'm the smartest woman alive...when I bought my laptop in 2004, I paid a little extra for a 6 year warranty. HA! Free mother board comin' my way. Nathan said he never would have paid for a 6 year warranty but he is SO glad that I did!

Local Dell dude will call us to set up a time so he can come and replace it for us. Suh-weeet!

Since Nathan can tell we will probably have to replace the CPU next, we paid the Dell chat dude some mula and extended the warranty for another year! Whoooop!

So, for the next couple of days...no pictures. BOOOOOO! Well, I'll see what I can do about downloading pics onto Nate's computer.

Side note: Once me and Julie took an institute class together and the teacher called computers puters. It was hilarious!!!

Another side note: Today I get to shadow Becky Anderson, the photographer I blogged about a few days ago. She is taking infant portraits! I'm excited! Someday I want to have a little side hobby photography business. Better start learning my stuff.


Julie J. said...

The institute class was hilarious. He was trying to say puter but it came our pooter. We couldn't stop laughing for a good 20 minutes. He should have kicked us out. Our history teacher too for that matter.

Julie J. said...

Oh, and our voice teacher.... Why were we taking voice?

Becky said...

I have no idea why we took voice, but yes, most classes we took together, we probably should have been thrown out of.

The Hungry said...

you ladies are funny and I'm not surprised you're so smart

The Wells said...

Kelsey calls it the compuker

Anonymous said...

I'd come to you for pics any day!!

Anonymous said...

PLUS, you ARE smart to get that extended warranty. SMART, SMART woman!!

Emily said...

So like, I knew this guy that did tech support for Dell and he told me that with Dell ONLY, it's totally worth it to get the warranty. He said that something will eventually go wrong with it in the time that their warranty covers...! so rock on super smart woman!!!